Fábrica de Startups – novo Centro de Empreendedorismo e Inovação de Oeiras – 18 JAN 2018

Vem conhecer a Fábrica de Startups Oeiras, o novo Centro de Empreendedorismo e Inovação de Oeiras.

A Fábrica de Startups Oeiras tem como objectivo dinamizar o concelho de
Oeiras, através de um Centro de Empreendedorismo e Inovação de
excelência, focado em prestar serviços aos munícipes do concelho na
criação dos seus negócios, na validação das suas ideias e ofertas, e na
expansão internacional.
realização de programas de aceleração, bem como eventos de formação,
irá permitir a criação e desenvolvimento de uma comunidade empreendedora
e transformar a Fábrica de Startups Oeiras no principal polo de
inovação e empreendedorismo do concelho.
18 de janeiro, às 18h00:
18h00 – Recepção
18h30 – Abertura: Câmara Municipal de Oeiras*
18h40 – Convidados: Um Pequeno Gesto (Anabela Nina)
18h50 – Fábrica de Startups (António Lucena de Faria)
19h00 – Visita Guiada
*por confirmar

Fábrica de Startups Oeiras


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Beta-i Newsletter – accelerations programs and events

Beta-i Newsletter: 

For one, we are finally going global, with both the Global Impact Challenge
  initiative (from Singularity University, to be staged in Cascais) and the Free 
Electrons program (a truly global startup acceleration program, in the energy 
space, that will take place in several different geographies).  


preach to startups all the time that they have to have a global reach
international ambitions, so it is only fair that we ourselves take
the same 
medicine we prescribe so often.


While we look outwards, we don’t allow ourselves to lose focus internally, so we 
are touring Portugal, with the Lisbon Challenge, and you are more 
than welcome to join us. 


a nutshell, what this means is that we are indeed growing, but not at
expense of what we love doing: connecting Startups, Corporates and
 in the same sentence. The difference being, we are doing more
of it abroad.

Hugo Vaz Oliveira
Partnerships and Media  at Beta-i
Lisbon Challenge.  We’re touring to find la crème de la crème of early stage startups. Know anyone who’s the perfect fit? Tell them to apply here, as fast as they can. Applications close on January 26, 2018.
FB-Perfil-Singularity (1).png
SingularityU Portugal Global Impact Summit. This
a program seeks to foster moonshot innovations and startups that
positively impact the lives of people living in Portugal. Portuguese
nationality is required. Apply until February 6, 2018. Read more here.
Free Electrons. Later
stage energy startups eight big utilities (EDP, TEPCO, Dubai
Electricity & Water Authority, innogy, origin, AusNet services,
SPgroup and ESB), are waiting for startups to help them expand and scale
to new markets, explore their pilot and find investment. Applications
close on February 23, 2018. Read more here

Don’t blame social media for celebrity politicians. Blame everyone, on Wired- Read
Wall Street titan to CEOs: It’s not just about the money, on CNN – Read
CES: Startup Trends to watch for 2018, and ones to forget from 2017, on Forbes – Read
3 Tips for Corporate video production, on Medium – Read
18 Jan Future Festival: Orlando – A 1 day trends & innovation program to train your team in the must-know consumer insights (USA)

25 Jan RE-WORK: AI Assistant Summit – Showcase of the opportunities to advance trends in Virtual Assistants (USA)

31 Jan Vibrant Digital Future Summit – A conference for business leaders, innovators and governments developing a brighter digital future (United Kingdom)

06 Feb Financial Planning and Analyst Innovation Summit – Over 150 finance leaders will share the innovations driving the performance of their finance teams (USA)

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Impact Hub Lisbon – Newsletter

Dear Impact Maker,

Do you know why we are living in a very exciting time?

We are at the beginning of something new. We all have the chance to start over, to welcome new opportunities, to embrace change and to reinvent ourselves. May 2018 be the year you will turn all your inspirational ideas into positive and impactful projects.

Let’s embark on an journey full of excitement, passion and adventures!

Are you ready? Scroll down and enjoy the ride!

Update your calendar with positive energy!

Jan 18thSkill Share – Come join us for an introduction to financial markets and impact investment with Stoik Capital

Jan 18thCreativity Generator – Unleash your creative potential!
Jan 23rdFree Coworking Day – Connect with the Lisbon Digital Nomads!

Jan 24thThe Minimalists DocumentaryLess is more!

Jan 25thSkill Share – Grow your FB community with Catarina Gomes
Jan 31stNinja Session – Meet the Ninjas and learn about Business Planning and Authentic Leadership

Are you a student with an entrepreneurial mindset?
Do you want to bridge the gap between study and work, and feel part of a larger community of Impact Makers?

We are launching a student membership!

Today’s students are tomorrow’s changemakers. We want to empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs!


Want to have more info? Let’s get in touch! 

We keep improving our collaborative space!

Interested in joining? Book your free trial day now!

Another award for Escola de Impacto (School of Impact)!

The purpose of this 3-month program, in partnership with Ageas Foundation, was to empower people in a socially vulnerable situation, through social entrepreneurship. It has been recognized twice as one of the best social responsibility practices by the Portuguese Association for Corporate Ethics, and by the Meios & Publicidade magazine. We are proud to announce that the second edition of “Escola de Impacto” will be launched soon. 
Looking for an acceleration program with an international dimension for your social startup?

Find out more about PAES (Programa de Apoio a Empreendedores Sociais). This program, developed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, aims to take your social impact initiative to the next level.

The participants will get access to training, mentoring and networking sessions at Impact Hub Lisbon and within our Impact Hub European Cluster. The best project will receive a cash prize of 15K€. 
Apply until February 23rd! 

Curious to know more about Impact Hub Lisbon?
Meet Filipe and Gonçalo, the Co-Founders!

Wondering how to find and stick to your New Year’s resolutions?
Check this out!

Inspiring vibes,
The Impact Hub Lisbon Team

Impact Hub Lisbon

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Autodesk – Instructables – Newsletter

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Building a Computer Desk / DIY Desk PC
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$6.00 Sandblaster That Actually Works
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DIY Interactive LED Coffee Table
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DIY Interactive LED Coffee Table
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Computer Controlled Christmas Lights With Arduino
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LED 12V Camping Lights
LED 12V Camping Lights
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How to Measure Current and Why Should You Do It?
How to Measure Current and Why Should You Do It?
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Light Painting Robot
Light Painting Robot
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Simple PCB Transfer
Simple PCB Transfer
by Venkes in electronics
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AUTODESK – Latest From Instructables – Newsletter

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IKEA PS 2014 Death Star Lamp
IKEA PS 2014 Death Star Lamp
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LED Eclipse With Touch Sensors and MIDI
LED Eclipse With Touch Sensors and MIDI
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Temperature and Humidity Monitor
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Starting a Handmade Business
Starting a Handmade Business
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Dust Cyclone Separator (Shop Vac / Dust Collector) From a CD Spindle Cake Box and Toy Cone.  Build Your Own Bucket Shopvac With Built in Cyclonic Separation!
Dust Cyclone Separator (Shop Vac / Dust Collector) From a CD Spindle Cake Box and Toy Cone. Build Your Own Bucket Shopvac With Built in Cyclonic Separation!
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Remote Controlled 6WD All Terrain Robot
Remote Controlled 6WD All Terrain Robot
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Easy Acoustic Levitator
Easy Acoustic Levitator
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Smart Car Working by Movement of the Finger
Smart Car Working by Movement of the Finger
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Arduino Indoor Garden
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Scan Nearby Objects Using ARDUINO
Kishor Prajapati  
Scan Nearby Objects Using ARDUINO
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☠WEEDINATOR☠  Part 3: Chassis Build
Tecwyn Twmffat  
☠WEEDINATOR☠ Part 3: Chassis Build
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The Perfect Automatic Lighting System Using Arduino + LDR + PIR
Smart Technology  
The Perfect Automatic Lighting System Using Arduino + LDR + PIR
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DIY 100W Led Flashlight
DIY 100W Led Flashlight
by fotovidx in leds
Touch Switch Circuit Using Transistor MOSFET
Touch Switch Circuit Using Transistor MOSFET
by NoskillsrequiredN in electronics
Website/WiFi Controlled LED Strip With Raspberry Pi
Website/WiFi Controlled LED Strip With Raspberry Pi
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Light Up Picture Box
Light Up Picture Box
by Brooklyntonia in leds
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Concurso Montepio Acredita Portugal – 8th Contest Edition

Se tem uma ideia de negócio, mas não sabe por onde começar, tem menos de uma semana para se inscrever!

Há mais de 500.000 € em prémios e os finalistas terão c
ontacto direto com investidores.
Acredita Portugal

Menos de uma semana para seguir o seu sonho empreendedor!
Se tem uma ideia de negócio, mas não sabe por onde começar, tem menos de uma semana para se inscrever!

Há mais de 500.000 € em prémios e os finalistas terão contacto direto com investidores.

O concurso disponibiliza ainda um programa de pré-aceleração, em que mentores e especialistas dão feedback personalizado a cada projeto, preparando-o para o mercado.

Inscreva-se de forma gratuita em menos de 30 segundos aqui.

Para mais informações vá a http://ift.tt/S5KvqQinformacoes.

Acredita Portugal
Parceiros 2017/2018

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ABStartups Brasil – Associacao Brasileira de Startups – Newsletter

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Banking Summit 6-7 FEV 2018 by SIBS

A evolução tecnológica, a mudança comportamental dos clientes, a globalização e o enquadramento regulatório têm criado novos desafios em todos os sectores. A banca, reconhecida internacionalmente como uma das indústrias mais inovadoras, tem estado empenhada em antecipar as novas tendências.

Promovida pela Associação Portuguesa de Bancos e pela SIBS, o BANKING SUMMIT vai abordar este novo paradigma, nos dias 6 e 7 de fevereiro em Lisboa, ouvindo diferentes especialistas e players de mercado. Esta nova era marcada pela revolução digital, onde o sector bancário se tem distinguido, será analisada tendo em conta o presente e o futuro.

source:   http://www.bankingsummit.pt

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STATION F – Newsletter

Happy New Year!

☀ Good afternoon followers,

behalf of the entire STATION F team & community, we wish you an
incredible new year. **A LOT** happened in 2017 but we have even more
lined up for 2018! You can check out all the details of our exciting
plans for 2018 here.
There is a ton happening but we are thrilled to kick off the year with our first batch of Fighters –
arriving on campus later this month! And, for anyone that still hasn’t
had a chance to visit STATION F, you can now visit in VR and reserve a
slot here.  
Happy 2018 ! 
Roxanne Varza
PSSSST!!!! We are hiring! Check out the new job openings here.
birdy told me… there’s a new Startup Program in town! Run by LVMH for
startups contributing to innovation in the Luxury sector at STATION F
STATION F residents have spotted some new faces around the campus… who are they? Entrepreneurs from LVMH’s new accelerator!
a partnership finalized in October, 50 different startups from all
around the world will be able to join LVMH’s accelerator program at
STATION F every year. The program, aiming at shaping the future of
luxury, has already started and includes 89 workstations but sshhh, you
will be able to learn more in a few weeks! In the meantime, you can
apply to their Innovation Award and win a chance to be part of their 2nd promotion at STATION F.
Fighters moving in in just a few days!

This is it: we finalized the selection of the very first members of the
Fighters Program! A big thanks to our wonderful jury made of Founders
Program members, Moussa Camara creator of les Déterminés, Octave Klaba CEO and founder of OVH, and Xavier Niel 🙂

You want to meet them? They will be moving in STATION F in just a few days, more on them on our blog and on social media very soon.

STATION F: now accessible in VR!

Ever wondered what the inside of STATION F looked like? Now you can hang
around the whole campus, from anywhere in the world… At each step of
the visit, you can listen to explanations about the campus and meet one
of our startups! 

This interactive VR experience was built by… 2 STATION F startups of course! A ton of thanks to Uptale and Reality.

Upcoming events on campus:

A fun and interactive journey bringing to life, through interactive or
immersive experiences, how technology is building community, creating
personal connections and changing the way we communicate. Organized by
Facebook – REGISTER

La Matinée de la Conversion, THE annual meeting of the digital &
conversion fans. 250 customers & partners gathered to discover AB
Tasty news & innovative projects around R & D, personnalization
What you’ve missed

Here is a selection of events that took place at STATION F last month. Don’t miss future events, check out our Events page!

A one day conference to support tech initiatives preserving the planet, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron.
The best of CTOs speaking about all-things tech, to an audience of techies. So basically: tech!
Our first Fields Medal at STATION F! Missed this Ask Me Anything session? Watch the full event on our Facebook page.
Here are our latest posts from our blog!

For all positionsTo apply for any of the jobs below, apply on our website here.
Co-living Space Project Officer

Property management and development experts: come help us create our wonderful co-living extension, housing 600 entrepreneurs!

Tech (IT and web team) Manager

are an expert in IT and can also manage a team of developers, you love
building things and are obsessed with data’s security.

6-month full-time Front End Dev Intern starting ASAP

Last but not least, this month’s absolute FAV gif from our team. What’s yours?

See you next month!

Love ❤


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