XVII SEMANA NACIONAL DE MARKETING – 2016 – Congresso Nacional – 31 MAY to 3 JUNE – “Sharing Economy ou Sharking Economy” by APPM

A 17ª semana nacional do Marketing irá realizar-se de 30 de Maio a 3 de Junho.
Os eventos principais serão o Congresso Nacional de Marketing, que se realiza no próximo dia 31 de Maio em Lisboa e que irá contar com um programa em torno do tema a “Sharing Economy ou Sharking Economy”, e a Marketing Leaders Night, que se realiza no Porto a 1 de Junho, sendo um evento dedicado ao debate de ideias por parte de destacados líderes do marketing sobre o tema central da Semana.
Saiba todos os pormenores do evento na página da Semana Nacional do Marketing.





09h00-10h00 – CREDENCIAÇÃO



Consumidores procuram novas alternativas de consumo e deixam de comprar aos gigantes instalados. Está a industria preparada para esta nova tendência? Como a avaliam, e o que estão a fazer?

10h15 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Jillian Suleski & Greg Westhoff Realizadores Documentário “Shareconomy”


Moderação de Victoria San Martin –  APPM
Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida // Hóteis Vila Galé
Miguel Salema Garção //  CTT
Fernando Bessa // Air France KLM
José Ferrari Careto // EDP



De que forma está a sociedade preparada para se adaptar à nova realidade da Sharing Economy? A perspectiva Moral, a perspectiva Ética e a Perspectiva Legal.

12h00 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Adolfo Mesquita Nunes // Gama Glória

Exibição do Segundo Excerto do Documentário Shareconomy – 5 min


Moderação de Filipe GIl – Distribuição Hoje
Cândida Rato // The People Who Share
Tiago Caiado Guerreiro // Caiado Guerreiro & Associados
Teresa Moreira // Direção Geral do Consumidor
José Borralho // Escolha do Consumidor
Ana Rita Ramos // Have a nice Day
13h30-14h30 – ALMOÇO



Consumidores como fundadores das suas própria empresa e produtores de bens a um click de distancia do seu cliente mas nem tudo são rosas :falta de escala, recursos para crescer, capacidade logística, distribuição e reconhecimentos de marca.

14h35 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Cristina Fonseca // Co-Founder Talkdesk

Exibição do Terceiro Excerto do Documentário Shareconomy – 5 min


Moderação de Rui Ventura- APPM
Luís Pedro Martins // Zaask
Vasco Mendonça // Uniplaces
Carlos Silva // Seedrs
Jason Nadal // Microsoft
Catarina Cabral // Cabify Portugal



16h15 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Alexandre Barbosa // Faber Ventures

Exibição do Quarto Excerto do Documentário Shareconomy – 5 min


Moderação de Daniel Pereira – APPM
Paulo Barreto // Facebook
Miguel Munoz Duarte // NOW Cowork
Rita Sousa Marques // OLX Portugal
Manuel Tânger // Beta-i
Miguel Duarte Fernandes // Paypal Portugal





18h00 – RECEPÇÃO


Moderação de Rui Ventura –  APPM
Rui Moreira // Câmara Municipal do Porto
Joana Almeida // Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa
Rui Ribeiro // QSP-Consultoria de Marketing
Clara Gonçalves // UPTEC
Carlos Oliveira // InvestBraga.
19h30 – KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Jillian Suleski & Greg Westhoff Apresentação do Documentário Shareconomy”

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Join Apps Para Todos, a stimulating project for developers.
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 If you believe that technology must be accessible and universal to all no matter their age or circumstance…

If you think it should help eliminate barriers…

And if you think that it should improve personal autonomy…

You must join ‘Apps Para Todos‘ (Apps For All), a stimulating project for developers who want to step in and create accessible apps, for ALL.

Starting on June 18th with an Ideathon, we invite all developers, free thinkers and committed citizens who want to work toward more human technology.

Register below and come meet like minded people keen to share solutions. 18 June, at the Institut Municipal de Persones Amb Discapacitat de Barcelona.

We’re heading to Tenerife with AC Canarias!

We’re most happy to announce that our wonderful app showcase will be visiting the equally wonderful island of Tenerife for AC Canarias, July 21. We’re on the search for the best apps the Canary Islands have to offer! Tech wizards, coders…come on down and make history!

Two weeks left to submit to AC Barcelona!

On June 30 we’ll be putting on our annual homecoming Appcircus event! If you live near the Catalan capital then you’ve got two weeks left to submit your app, hurry! Audience registration is also open and you can sign up for a wonderful night of networking and beer at Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damn here.

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ClimateLaunchpad – cleantech idea contest Competition – UPTEC -until 22nd JUNE 2016

ClimateLaunchpad. Take your cleantech idea to the next level.

Great that you want to take your idea to the next level! To reach that level, please keep in mind:

– We do business in English.
– Be kind to us: we will review loads of ideas, don’t exceed the word count limits.

– Check
your country’s information to find out when registration closes. Don’t miss it.

– Check our
Terms & Conditions.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a business plan yet.
Even if your idea is still at the back of a napkin and you don’t have full answers to all of the questions in the form, you are welcome to join.

 Good luck!

Competition 2016

ClimateLaunchpad Business Idea Competition


Our competition is your ticket to European and global success. Provided you have a green business idea and have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.
Your idea can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility or any other way to tackle climate change.
Train. Network. Compete. Launch.

How it works

In 2016 the competition is open to participants based in Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. Check the submission deadlines per country.
Even if your idea is on the back of a napkin, you’re most welcome to join. Our National Juries select the best proposals to join the National Competitions.

The programme


Once you’re accepted into the competition, the games begin:

Step 1: Boot Camp
ClimateLaunchpad kicks off with a 2-day Boot Camp in your own country. Our trainers will teach you all you need to know about jumpstarting your business.

Step 2: Intensive coaching and National Finals

 The Boot Camp is followed by with a period of intensive coaching. You’ll perfect your pitch, value proposition and business model. We’ll make sure you are ready to rock the National Final where you get to pitch in front of your National Jury. The Top-3 of each country enters the European Final on the 7th and 8th of October in Tallin, Estonia.

Step 3: European Final in Estonia on the 7th and 8th of October

 The Top-3 of all National Finals get a chance to pitch their idea in front of the review board of
Climate-KIC Accelerator. Impress them and gain access to Climate-KIC Accelerator, the 18-month real life business school where great ideas grow into great businesses.
The European Top-10, selected in the Grande Finale, will get direct access into Climate-KIC Accelerator without having to pitch to a review board.

 The overall winner of the European Final receives € 10,000, the runner up gets € 5,000 and the idea that comes in third place wins € 2,500.

Small print


Let us challenge you, join the competition. But before you do, we just want to make sure that you:
  • – have not yet started a business or you started it less than one year ago;
  • – have no substantial revenue;
  • – you have attracted no more than € 200,000 in investment;
  • – you have not yet sold products, solutions or prototypes on commercial terms.

All good? Don’t miss out: enter your idea by filling out our application form.

ClimateLaunchpad. The world’s largest cleantech business idea competition.

Submission deadline Portugal

June 22nd 2016

  • Boot Camp Portugal
    July 19th 2016 –
    July 20th 2016
  • Final Portugal
    September 7th 2016
  • European Final, Tallinn
    October 7th 2016 –
    October 8th 2016
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    Encontro Open Source Portugal – 30 MAY -@IAPMEI – European Maker Week

    A Artica está a organizar um Encontro Open Source Portugal no Auditório do IAPMEI (edifício L) em Lisboa dia 30 de Maio como parte das actividades da European Maker Week.

     A ideia de organizar este encontro surge do envolvimento da Artica no projecto estruturante Open TICE no âmbito do cluster nacional das TICE.

    O encontro visa reunir iniciativas nacionais de várias naturezas relacionadas com a cultura open source.

    O evento é de entrada livre. Limitado a 200 pessoas.


    Horário preliminar:

    10:00 [+] Abertura
    10:15 [+] Celso Martinho Lisbon Maker Faire e Movimento Maker em Portugal [15 mins]
    10:30 [+] Mónica Pedro (Artica) Open TICE [10 mins]
    10:45 [+] ESOP Portugal Open Source 2020 [10 mins]
    11:00 [+] André Lapa (AMA) Dados Abertos na Administração Pública [10 mins]
    11:15 [+] Intervalo
    11:30 [+] Teresa Nobre (Creative Commons Portugal) Direito de Autor e Cultura Livre: História e Actualidade [20 mins]
    11:45 [+] Teresa Nobre (Creative Commons Portugal) CC e Modelos de Negócio Abertos [15 mins]
    12:00 [+] Filipe Cruz (Enough Records) Netaudio em Portugal [10 mins]
    12:15 [+] Almoço
    13:30 [+] Luís Carvão Importância dos FabLabs no movimento OpenSource [20 mins]
    13:45 [+] Pedro Ângelo (AZ/altLab), Ricardo Lobo(AZ/LCD) &
    Alexandre Lemos (Condomínio Criativo/xDA) A Caminho de uma Rede Aberta de Laboratórios Criativos [20 mins]
    14:00 [+] André Rocha (DAR) A Experiencia do activismo Open num meio urbano periférico [10 mins]
    14:15 [+] Carlos Alcobia Buinho, o desafio aberto dum Makerspace rural [20 mins]
    14:30 [+] Intervalo
    14:45 [+] Ana Isabel Carvalho (Transparência Hackday Portugal) &
    Ricardo Lafuente (Open Knowledge Portugal) Open Data em Portugal: O que se fez e o que falta fazer [15 mins]
    15:00 [+] José Magalhães (Observatório da Vida Parlamentar) Vida Parlamentar: portas que falta abrir [15 mins]
    15:15 [+] Ana Alice Baptista (CCG/UMinho) Dados Abertos Ligados para máximas utilização e reutilização [15 mins]
    15:30 [+] Carlos Santos (Universidade de Aveiro) chmod 777 education [20 mins]
    15:45 [+] Marta Baptista (Beta-i) Making Innovation and Data Open [15 mins]
    16:00 [+] Intervalo
    16:15 [+] Giovanni Di Orio Open Manufacturing – Sistemas de Inteligência para Fábricas [15 mins]
    16:30 [+] Edgar M. Silva (UNINOVA-CTS) Open-Source OBD-II Emulator [15 mins]
    16:45 [+] João Alves CSEduino – Build your Arduino from scratch [15 mins]
    17:00 [+] Intervalo
    17:15 [+] Rita Sá Open Artwork – Copy, Remix, Transform – A Different Interpretation [10 mins]
    17:30 [+] Tiago Carrondo A Comunidade Ubuntu Portugal [10 mins]
    17:45 [+] Tiago Carrondo Ubuntu – ele está por todo o lado [10 mins]
    18:00 [+] Rui Ribeiro (Univ. Lusófona / IP Telecom) Conclusões e Encerramento [10 mins]

    O evento é de entrada livre. Limitado a 200 pessoas. Registo na página no site da makerfaire week.

    Dúvidas ou sugestões podem ser enviadas para ospt@artica.cc
    Livestream do evento:

    SOURCE:  http://ift.tt/1ONsTGM


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    AICEP – Roadshow Portugal Global incentiva a co-criação entre empresas – Roadshow Portugal Global 2016 – 1 JUNE @Guimarães

    O Roadshow Portugal Global vai a Guimarães dia 1 de junho mostrar às empresas como a co-criação leva à diferenciação de produtos no mercado global.
    Miguel Neiva, designer, apresenta o seminário “Co-criação: o caso ColorADD”, onde vai dar a conhecer o modo como, em co-criação com diversas empresas e entidades, garante a implementação do código de cores ColorADD em hospitais, escolas, transportes públicos, no retalho e na acessibilidade.
    A co-criação é um modo de cooperação onde as empresas partilham de todas as fases do processo de conceção de um produto ou serviço com os utilizadores.
    O Roadshow Portugal Global 2016 vai este ano a seis regiões colocando especial enfoque no desenvolvimento da cooperação entre empresas, tendo como tema transversal “Cooperação e Coopetição – chave para a competitividade nos Mercados Externos”.
    Alinhado com este enfoque, o Roadshow Portugal Global deste ano inaugura o conceito de speed meeting, encontros rápidos entre empresas para trocar contactos e aprofundar relações posteriormente.

    GUIMARÃES 01.06.2016



    LOCAL: ACIG – Associação Comercial e Industrial de Guimarães




    08h15 – 09h00 Receção de Participantes

    09h00 – 10h00 Sessão de Abertura

    ACIG / Manuel Martins / Presidente da Direção

    AICEP / Helena Malcata / Administradora

    10h00 – 10h30 “The Design Economy” (Apresentação em Inglês)

    DESIGN COUNCIL / PeiChin Tay / Project Lead Design for Europe

    10h30 – 11h00 A Economia Criativa em Portugal: Quem são as empresas? Como geram negócio? BOOKTAILORS / Paulo Ferreira / Diretor-Geral

    SP TELEVISÃO / José Amaral / Diretor Comercial e Novos Negócios

    SPIRA – REVITALIZAÇÃO PATRIMONIAL / Catarina Valença Gonçalves / CEO

    FUNDAÇÃO MILLENNIUM BCP / Fátima Dias / Secretária Geral



    Com a moderação de:


    UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO / Paulo Faustino / Professor

    11h00 – 11h30 Coffee-Break – Networking

    11h30 – 11h50 Oportunidades no Mercado do Reino Unido

    AICEP / Miguel Fontoura / Diretor da AICEP em Londres

    11h50 – 12h45 Painel de Debate



    Com a participação de empresas-testemunho:



    SOMELOS / Tiago Guimarães / Administrador

    TWO.SIX / Sérgio Morais / Sócio-Gerente

    HERDMAR / Maria José Marques / Export Sales Manager

    LAMEIRINHO / Tânia Lima / Marketing & Communication Manager

    MILLENNIUM BCP / Diogo Lacerda / Responsável de Trade Finance



    Com a moderação de:


    JORNAL DE NEGÓCIOS / Rui Neves / Coordenador da redação do Porto

    12h45 – 13h00 Encerramento

    MINISTÉRIO DA ECONOMIA / João Vasconcelos /Secretário de Estado da Indústria

    13h00 -14h30 Almoço de Networking no foyer do auditório

    14h30 – 15h00 Receção de Participantes

    15h00 –15h45 Sessão Temática

    TEMA: Como Promover a Economia Criativa Portuguesa no Reino Unido

      ORADOR: AICEP / Miguel Fontoura / Diretor da AICEP em Londres

    Jorge Cerveira Pinto / Coordenador do Pavilhão de Portugal TENT London

    16h00 –16h45 Sessão Temática

    TEMA: Fundos Comunitários para as Indústrias Culturais e Criativas

      ORADOR: REPER BRUXELAS / José Amaral Lopes / Conselheiro

    17h00 –17h45 Sessão Temática

    TEMA: Co-Criação –O caso ColorADD

      ORADOR: ColorADD / Miguel Neiva / Designer

    16h00 –18h00 Reuniões Bilaterais (speed meetings, 15 minutos cada)

    Reuniões a realizar entre Miguel Fontoura, Diretor da AICEP em Londres, e as empresas inscritas

    15h00 –18h00 Networking entre empresas (speed meetings, 15 minutos cada)

    Reuniões bilaterais entre empresas, mediante inscrições prévias até 25 de maio

    – See more at: http://ift.tt/1yKmu8T


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    UBER CEO – UberPITCH – Bringing the elevator pitch to your front door, where entrepreneurs get to pitch to investors in an Uber?

    Travis Kalanick is visiting Europe, for the UberPITCHwhere entrepreneurs get to pitch to investors in an Uber?

    Calling all entrepreneurs, self-starters and start-up warriors — your big break is arriving now!

     For a limited period only, Uber will be offering entrepreneurs across 37 cities and 21 countries the chance of a lifetime by connecting you to some of the region’s top investors — all at the touch of a button.



    37 CITIES

    UberPITCH is a collaborative project that encourages innovation within local startup communities to provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to accelerate the growth of their ventures.
    UberPitch_blog-logo_960x350_r2 CROPPED<img class=”alignnone wp-image-227092 size-full” src=”http://ift.tt/1qGSs6p” alt=”UberPitch_blog-logo_960x350_r2 CROPPED” width=”852″ height=”211″ srcset=”http://ift.tt/1qGSs6p 852w, http://ift.tt/1XQQ9el 300w, http://ift.tt/1qGS0VO 768w, http://ift.tt/1XQQe1I 500w” sizes=”(max-width: 852px) 100vw, 852px” />
    How will it work in your city? See below for the list of all cities that will participate in UberPITCH and follow the city link to find out how UberPITCH will work where you are.


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    TOURISM DAY @LISBON – Mercado da Ribeira – 28 June 2016 by BETA-i & Turismo de Portugal & AirBnB


    Are you aiming to disrupt the tourism industry, interested in investment opportunities or just curious about the latest market insights, activity and partnership opportunities?

    Tourism is increasingly a key industry in Portugal and the entrepreneurial activity plays a crucial role on the industry development, not only by empowering the creation of innovative products / services, but also because talented startups based in Portugal attract investors and other key players worldwide.

    The latest attributed prizes for tourism in Portugal this year include: 14 prizes in more than 10 European categories including the Europe’s Leading Tourist Brand (Turismo de Portugal).

    Come along to Tourism Day, organized by Beta-in in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and hosted by one of the key players within the tourism worldwide industry – AirBnB.

    You will get to know the trendiest industry related subjects, learn how to be successful on doing business within tourism, understand the importance of strong growth supporters and get some interesting insights on how the sharing economy ecosystem is innovating the way we travel.


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    BETA-i Newsletter – Uber’s CEO has something to tell you

    You know when you have one of those ‘pick me’ moments? Well, that was me a couple of months ago when they said that 2 people from Beta-i could go to the The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.
    And here I am, writing to you from Amsterdam. I must say I feel rather inspired by this vibrant startup scene. Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, at Startup Fest Europe. However, there was something that Travis Kalanick from Uber said that really got me on the edge of my seat:
    “Fear is the disease, hustle is the antidote”


    I couldn’t agree more, and this is true for most startups. It’s a ‘no pain, no gain’ kind of thing. You gotta hustle.
    And why not practice this hustle at the Lisbon Investment Summit? Or get it really started by applying to Lisbon Challenge? Or even taking advantage of the fact that Travis Kalanick is visiting Europe, for the UberPITCHwhere entrepreneurs get to pitch to investors in an Uber?
    Hold that thought for a moment and make sure you check out everything else that’s happening in Lisbon…
    The Lisbon Investment Summit is getting closer and tickets are flying. Here’s your chance to meet the Editor of Wired Magazine, the investors of Skype, Transferwise or Farfetch. Oh, and we have a special 2 for 1 discount on the startup ticket, just get yourshere (if you have any problem feel free to email Rodrigo at rodrigo.zwetsch@beta-i.pt)  
    Lisbon Challenge has also opened applications for its fall edition. Be in Lisbon right on time for the Web Summit and understand why Michael Seibel, part-time partner from Y Combinator, thinks Lisbon Challenge can be the European Y Combinator.  
    Talking about Lisbon… we have a new startup program in town, that will revolutionise Lisbon’s city life. Smart Open Lisboa, the first open data program in Lisbon, has open applications for its hackathon. During the hackathon startups will use open data to solve real problems of the city of Lisbon. Are you up for the challenge? Find out more about it here.
    Tourism Day by Beta-i, in partnership with Airbnb and Turismo de Portugal, already has a date for its next edition. Save the date on your agenda, it will be on the 28th of June, and I really hope to see you there.
    In the meantime, we’ve partnered up with Google to bring to Lisbon some of their events for designers and developers. Join us for the Design Sprint Meetup (June-2) and the Launchpad Summit (June-3).
    But our partnerships don’t end here… We have also joined Point Nine Capital, in bringing together the best CTOs in Portugal, like the CTOs of UniplacesFarfetchFeedzai and Codacy. Participation on the event is by invitation only but we’ll have some places left for you, just keep an eye on our facebook and twitter.
    Regarding the masterclasses, this week we had the pleasure of learning from one of the top CMOs in the world, according to Forbes, David Alston. Make sure you save your spot for the next masterclass on Growth Hacking with Patrick Vlaskovits and Casey Armstrong.
    By the way, do you remember the European Accelerator Summit, we hosted last November? It’s back. In Venice this time, and it will be organised by our friends from H-Farm. 
         events.jpg    Events


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    Not rendering correctly? View this email as a web page here.

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