Impact Hub – đŸ’Ș ‘Bora Mulheres, International Women’s Day, Renovation Update, New Events and more

Hey Impact Maker,

Do you know what we are going to celebrate this Friday, March 8th?

The International Women’s Day! Let’s collectively take action for a more gender-balanced world, and celebrate what has been achieved so far!

In Portugal, 28.7% of the businesses are women-owned according to the latest Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs.

We are proud to team up with Coca-Cola Portugal to boost female entrepreneurship in Lisbon with ‘Bora Mulheres.

Scroll down to find out more and catch up with our latest news
Have you already met Pablo and Aidan, two members of our hub-community?

“Hi all! We are Pablo and Aidan, we are grateful to be part of Impact Hub Lisbon.

We arrived in August from Rio and Barcelona – but can’t get enough of Lisbon’s surf, sun, sapateira…

After finishing our degrees at Wharton and the London School of Economics, we decided to take a different route compared to some of our peers, and help grow the emerging medical cannabis industry.
We are part of Alta Flora, an European end-to-end cannabis technology company. We manufacture and distribute medical cannabis products. We are on a mission to improve health and wellbeing through plant-based products and carefully selected technologies.

We are developing an app that enables patients to journal medical cannabis use so that a conversation between doctor and patient is grounded in observational evidence. We are evidence focused, and data is critical for regulators and the medical establishment.

We fundamentally focus on patients and Environmental Social Governance. Our team has diverse backgrounds in science, tech, business and medical cannabis.

As a start-up, we are growing and are particularly on the lookout for Industrial Pharmacists (QPs, QAs), Agronomists and App Developers.

If you want to know more about what we do, the positions, or wider patient needs, please reach out to us! Cheers!”

The only constant thing in life is change, right?
Here is an important heads up regarding the space renovation!

We feel excited to share we are about to close a deal with a new major partner. That would be the first step of our organisational restructuring, which would imply giving us more time to strategically plan our growth – either by renovating our space in August, or by moving into a new and bigger space for September.

Soon, we might be able to officially announce this new partner, stay tuned!

Update your calendar with our hub-meetups!
Our landmark event will be ‘Bora Mulheres, a 2-day intensive training program to empower female entrepreneurs. Read on for more details!
To all Portuguese-speaking female entrepreneurs out there, this is your time to rock! BORA lĂĄ! 
For the first time in Portugal, Impact Hub Lisbon and Coca-Cola Portugal join forces to promote female entrepreneurship. We brought together an amazing lineup of inspiring speakers, who will enable you to spark your creativity, strengthen your skills, and connect with the local female entrepreneurship ecosystem.

More than an uplifting and FREE training, ‘Bora Mulheres is a unique opportunity to empower yourself and other fellow female entrepreneurs. Attendance is limited. Save your spot now!

We are thrilled to welcome Margaux to our thriving Hosting Team

“Hello Impact Makers!

I’m Margaux and I can’t wait to meet you all and help this community grow even stronger.

I completed a Master in Management & Entrepreneurship and worked for almost 3 years in Marketing for a Parisian startup. I left six months ago, skilled but bored. I’m more eager than ever to face new challenges and connect my work to what really drives me in life: protecting the environment. My passion for the ocean and willingness to change the way I was living lead me to Lisbon, and then to Impact Hub Lisbon.

I’m now working as freelancer for all kind of businesses. My ambition is to collaborate more and more with social businesses. On a more personal note, I believe authenticity is essential in relationships. Plus, I’m moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle, changing one habit at a time. I am not even halfway there, but if you want to share thoughts and tips about sustainability as a whole, “nudging” and behavioral change, ocean protection, gender equality, digital marketing, UX/UI, or if you look for a (small-waves-only) surf buddy, I’m yours!

I will be hosting every Wednesday – starting with a great Wise Wednesday every two weeks. Otherwise, I randomly hang out at Impact Hub Lisbon throughout the week. If I can be of any help, please reach out to me! You’re sure to be welcome with a smile, and maybe a cup of coffee.”

Impactful vibes,
The Impact Hub Lisbon Team

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