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Welcome to our first newsletter! 
 As a free thank-you for being part of the hack.summit() community, we have spent some time hand-picking some interesting articles, events, and jobs — for you to enjoy.

Interesting Blockchain Articles

Demystifying the Security of Blockchains by Oasis Labs

How Decentralization Can Win by Origin Protocol

Why Stablecoins Matter More Than You Think by Origin Protocol

2019: The Year of Privacy by Oasis Labs

Defensibility of Crypto Networks by SKALE Labs

Searching for the Killer De-centralized App by Orchid Protocol

Why Society Needs Privacy-Preserving Crypto Networks by NuCypher

Interesting Articles on Software Development

Video: Introduction to Machine Learning by Weights & Biases

Fast Integration Tests by Fossa

Video: Kubernetes and Spinnnaker by Armory

5 Trends that Dominated Computer Vision in 2018 by Fritz.ai

Getting started on AWS Lambda Monitoring by NodeSource


CoinList is hosting a huge virtual hackathon for the 0x protocol. 

 You receive $100 in tokens just by participating, and can compete for over $25K in additional prizes.  Some of the best investors in crypto are participating.  The hackathon runs Jan 10 through Feb 7.  Learn more here!

Hand-picked Engineering Jobs

We’ve hand-picked these jobs from some of the hottest early-stage startups.  These are all well-funded, high-quality, ground-floor opportunities.

DIRT — A Protocol for Trusted Data

Dark — A New Visual Programming Language

TrustToken — Tokenization of Real-World Assets + Stablecoin

Shone — Autonomous Ships

UserLeap — AI for User Research

Mutiny – Web Personalization for SaaS Companies

Vivid Vision — Virtual Reality for Pain Relief

Tari — Protocol for Digital Assets

Fossa — Open Source Software License Management

Nav.com — Credit Karma for Businesses

Weights and Biases — Experiment Tracking for Deep Learning

Oasis Labs — Scalable Privacy-Preserving Blockchain

SkySelect — Marketplace for Airplane Parts

Oncue — Software for Moving Companies

Enzyme — Automating FDA Compliance

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