Lisbon Challenge 2018 – apply until 9th SEPT 2018 – Beta-i’s mentorship-driven acceleration program

An accelerator built for people.

We help founders understand better the problems they are trying to solve and the solutions they are building.

What is Lisbon Challenge?

What do we do

Lisbon Challenge is Beta-i’s mentorship-driven
acceleration program, as a matter of fact it’s our flagship program.
Over the course of 10 weeks, we challenge your assumptions to uncover
your true superpower.

We will dive deep into the most developed innovation methodologies
to better understand the problem, find the right solution and bring you
closer to product market fit.

Each program leads to an Investment Day where you get to share
your journey with investors. From then on, you will also be able to take
the most of  LC alumni, an ongoing support network for founders.

LC investment partners offer 70K for 7%* of equity. The investment
is done in two tranches: 15k for 2%* to all startups joining the
program, and 55k for 5%* after the program for the startups that “rise
up to the challenge”.

*post money

Heading in the right direction from the beginning will set you apart from your competition.


How it Works

For 10 weeks, up to 15 startups will be joining us in Lisbon, one
of the most vibrant startup ecosystems. Alongside founders from all
parts of the world and with the support of our pool of amazing mentors,
we will push your ideas forward and challenge you to be in perfect shape
by Investment Day, when you share your journey with investors.



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