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Tuesday March 27, 2018
4 Ways to Control Electronic Relays
Relays are basically switches that apply or remove a specific voltage.
Though they aren’t necessary for most microcontroller-based projects,
you’ll need them on occasion. For those instances, check out this guide.


Behold the Intricate Beauty of the Rose Engine

Composed of elegant curves, layered and nested brass
lobes, and slowly spinning gears, rose engines are mesmerizing pieces of
machinery. This Lindow Rose Engine captured the eye of many at Maker
Faire Paris.

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Industry, Career, & College Day at Maker Faire

Join Maker Faire Bay Area for their first Industry,
Career and College Day, hosted in partnership with Cornell University
College of Engineering. A unique opportunity for students, job-seekers
and enthusiasts to explore career paths, education, and work
opportunities related to making.

learn more


Carve Your Own Vintage Railway Signs

Dessie Gamble cut old-school railway signs for museum
exhibits that were missing them. Learn to craft your own and give any
room a vintage feel.

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Explore the Miniature World of Landvaettr’s Lair

This YouTuber works absolute wonders with little more
than Popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers, foam board, and toilet paper
tubes. Watch him make the power of glue look positively magical.

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This Delightful Magpie Puppet Is Carved from Wood

As Caleb Kraft, one of our Senior Editors, scanned
Instagram, he happened upon a picture of a beautiful wooden magpie. This
puppet was carved and painted by hand.

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Turn Your Kid’s Drawings into 3D Printed Toys

Watch Bob, of I Like to Make Stuff, turn one of his son’s drawings into a 3D printed toy. Copy his technique to transform your own children’s artwork.

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How to Make a Robot Kit

Make: Boards Guide


More From Make:

Immerse yourself in the maker culture with over 800 exhibits, larger-than-life art pieces, and hands-on learning at
Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

Check out this
drone rocket hybrid landing system
. Instead of deploying a parachute, this rocket uses quadcopter motors to guide itself back to the launchpad it took off from.

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Upcoming Maker Faires

MSI Chicago Mini Maker Faire
(Illinois): March 31

Ankara Mini Maker Faire
(Turkey): March 31

Jacksonville Mini Maker Faire
(Florida): April 7

Meridian Mini Maker Faire
(Mississippi): April 7–8

Maker Faire Miami
(Florida): April 7–8


Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.



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