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Top 10 things to know about STATION F this month

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Here are the top 10 things you need to know about STATION F this month. Don’t miss out on the calendar of events and job openings! Enjoy

Less than a month left to apply to the Founders Program
Join 240+ startups in the Founders Program, STATION F’s core program for early-stage companies. Want to learn more about the philosophy behind the program? Read our “Why Apply” blogpost. 
Last year, we have received over 4,000 applications from 50 different countries to join the Founders Program. Yes, it’s highly selective, but it’s definitely worth a try if you are an early stage company. 
The entrepreneurs that select the Founders shared their experience of STATION F: read Du Ha Duong’s “Tips to Join STATION F Founders Program”
Apply Now

New resident: Google (workshops open to everyone!)
Google has moved into STATION F and opened a space to host daily workshops and 1 on 1 trainings. Anyone (yes, anyone) can attend, sign up for their upcoming events HERE.

This is what an entrepreneur looks like

Watch our new video showcasing STATION F entrepreneurs! Wait… they are all women? Well, this is what entrepreneurs look like. Read more on our blog!

GIRLS: come join us at STATION F, we already count 40% of female-founded startups in the Founders Program, but we want more. 
Watch the video

A chat with Tony Fadell, co-creator of the iPod
Watch our Youtube video: a conversation with the co-creator of the iPod and Nest founder Tony Fadell telling anecdotes on working with Steve Jobs, building a company later sold for $3 billion, and other key moments of his career. 
Watch Tony Now

Visitors this month: Evan Spiegel founder of Snapchat, Prime Minister of Norway, and more
This month, we have received the visit of the Prime Minister of Norway, the founder of Snapchat Even Speigel, and the founder of CTrip. We also bumped into Loic Le Meur who posted on his blog about it! Read it here.
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Meet us at SxSW and STEP conf in Dubai
We will be giving out talks at SxSW and STEP conference in Dubai! Join us:
  • March 11th in Texas on the Startup Cities Stage at SxSW
  • March 28th-29th in Dubai for a presentation of STATION F

New community events on campus
STATION F community is full of incredible people. In order to help them get to know each other, we’ve created new events: 
  • The Big Awkward Picnic: a monthly gathering for residents to eat together, awkward questions included.
  • Meet a Neighbor, Get a Favor: twice a month, one of our 30 startup programs introduces their companies around a nice breakfast on Monday morning, and residents exchange favors!
  • STATION Feel The Love: for Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to fill STATION F with Love! Our residents enjoyed a cocktail with musical blind tests and heart-shaped cookies, and were able to send candies to their secret crushes (and startup program managers of course).
These events are residents only, follow us on Instagram to follow them live!
Events not to miss next month (open to the public)
– Tech for Good Meetup organized by ShareIT – March 9th

Meet the second batch of social entrepreneurs Share IT is supporting, and share a moment with their friends, mentors, partners and all the ShareIT’s supporters. 

– European Social Innovation Competition 2018 – March 20th
The European Social Innovation Competition offers €50,000 prizes to the three best ideas to tackle a social problem faced by communities across Europe. Come and attend their launch event!
– Data Women – March 29th
Data+Women is launching in France! Let’s get together to share experiences, learn as a group and spread the word about our achievements. 
– Fintech R:Evolution – April 10th
The annual event Fintech R:Evolution of France FinTech is the one real fintech experience.
Registration here
Focus: Discover our France-China Program
OuiCrea is our partner running the France-China program at STATION F, with locations in Shanghai, Suzhou — and obviously Paris. Learn more about this unique program building a bridge with this amazing country on our blog!
Read more
Wait, is that a Jeff Koons? 
We have loads of art on campus including pieces by Jeff Koons and Ai Wei Wei, and a number of other street artists!

See you next month!

Love ❤


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