Open the Impact Box | How will you #PressforProgress in 2018?

Open the Impact Box | How will you #PressforProgress in 2018?


Dear Impact Maker,

Happy International Women Day! 

As you know, today is a special day. Although it has been celebrated since the early 1900s, it remains a controversial issue and the debate is still going on.

Whether you think this day is relevant or not, we believe we all are potential change agents able to make a positive difference.

This day belongs to everyone striving for gender equality. Let’s celebrate what has been achieved and take action for a more gender inclusive world

Come join our Women’s Day Celebration! Read on to find out more!
It is time to update your calendar! Here are all our upcoming events!
Mar 8thWomen’s Day – Let’s celebrate Women all together!
Mar 15thLearning Map – Recognize and develop your skills!
Mar 20thConscious Branding – Build your own conscious brand strategy!
Mar 22ndNinja Session – Learn about creative collaboration & hospitality!
Mar 29th RiverBlue Screening – Join the Fashion Revolution!

More events? Meditation, lunch, drink, volleyball, and yoga – Feel free to participate in our community activities! Plus, we have a Skill Share session every Thursday, during which our members share their knowledge.

What do you know about Klow, one of our hub-members?
Klow is a new European online store that democratizes ecological & ethical fashion, without sacrificing style or design. Klow (contraction of “Keep” & “Low”) proposes an alternative to “fast-fashion” and promotes a new way of consumption by showcasing sustainable fashion products at a fair price.

They just launched their crowdfunding campaign on Ulule! They are looking to raise money to boost their startup and get the chance to offer you more ethical & eco-conscious products.

5 questions to the Co-Founders, Isma & Gaetan!

Who are you?

“I’m Isma, I’m 29 and I worked during 10 years in the fashion industry, for skateboard and surf brands. I’m Gaetan, I’m 28 and I have an extensive experience as a consultant in sustainability and responsible finance.”

Where does the concept of Klow come from?

“Klow is born from the envy to create a solution that allows everyone to be part of the change, through the promotion of a more ethical and eco-friendly fashion industry.”

What impact do you want to have?

“We want to give consumers a way to look great while sustainably supporting the local economy. We make sure that the workers making our clothes are not being exploited and that the materials are sustainably sourced.”

Why Impact Hub Lisbon?

“Impact Hub Lisbon is the supportive ecosystem we need to move forward through our entrepreneurial journey. The business mentoring they offer is amazing. The community here is really special – it feels like we are working with friends. It is a trusting environment, and we met our third co-founder after sharing desk space with him for several months.”

Any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Don’t try to make it alone. Collaboration with others is the key.”

This is the collaborative workplace to get things done!
Write to Francesco – our Community Manager – and book your free trial day!
Applications are still open for the 2nd edition of Escola de Impacto!

This capacity building program, in partnership with Ageas Foundation, aims to empower people in a socially vulnerable situation. The participants will develop the ad-hoc skill set to structure and launch their own initiative. This program will contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 – end poverty in all its forms – and the SDG 10 – reduce inequality within and among countries.

PAES Acceleration Program got 70 applications!

We will screen the applicants and pick the 15 most potentially impactful projects. This acceleration program for social startups is elaborated by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, with the support of Impact Hub Lisbon. It will address several UN SDGs according to the nature of the startups selected.
Have you already met Tai, our new Community Host?

“Hello Hubbers,

I’m Tai from Brazil and I’m your new Host welcoming you and taking care of the space every Friday. Portugal is my new (and 4th) home country and I chose Lisbon to settle down. I was looking for other social entrepreneurs and finally discovered Impact Hub Lisbon.

I´ve dedicated the last 8 years of my life to work on community development, social empowerment and resilience through different collaborative methodologies. Last year I co-founded Beyonder.ME in Rio de Janeiro.

This is a platform that allows travelers to have cultural learning experiences with talented locals, bridging the gap between tourism and community development.

I´m happy to announce we’re developing the Portuguese beta version of this project!

Plus, I’m creating and facilitating meetups to help women know themselves and their body better. Check out my page A lua em MIM (sorry, portuguese only)! If you want to connect, let’s have a coffee! Spoiler alert: I have questions – tons of them.” 

Inspiring vibes,
The Impact Hub Lisbon Team
Impact Hub Lisbon
Copyright © 2018 Impact Hub Lisbon, All rights reserved.

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