Open Innovation Contest 7.0 – until 10th OCT 2017 apply

“Let’s change the world together.”

The global community is
facing a variety of challenges, including poverty, hunger, health,
hygiene, education, gender and national inequality, energy, climate
change, destruction of nature, and peacekeeping.
In order to solve these
challenges, open innovation will play greater roles than ever so that
people throughout the world can work together across national borders in
advanced technology and new business models to create solutions.
DATA originally started as a public corporation to play a role in the
Japanese communication infrastructure. Since the transformation to a
private corporation, we have played an essential role in the ICT social
infrastructure as the leading system integrator in Japan. Currently, we
promote ICT business in over 50 countries across the world.
DATA has the ICT social infrastructure it has developed, startups have
innovative technologies and business models as well as entrepreneurial
spirit, and our clients such as major corporations, government agencies
and financial institutions have social infrastructure services. In order
to solve these challenges listed above, we can create solutions that
will serve as the new social infrastructure to make the world more
sustainable by combining these resources and forming the “triple win”
business alliance.


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