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Tuesday July 18, 2017
MegaBet: Inside MegaBot’s Journey to Launch a Giant Combat Robot League
Mk.III is a towering, $2.5 million dollar fighting robot that, its
creators hope, will kick off a new form of live entertainment, a wild
mix of UFC bouts and monster truck rallies. Make:‘s Executive
Editor Mike Senese went behind-the-scenes with the team in the days
leading up to the robot’s first (and only) public appearance — at Maker
Faire Bay Area — before its much-hyped battle with Japanese opponent

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Communtiy Garden

Cultivating a Neighborhood Garden as a Community Organizing Hub

Up Community Garden in West Oakland, California, grows more than just
healthy produce. It’s become a jumping off point for strengthening
community, organizing events, and DIY living.

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ESP8266, Arduino, and Pi Projects Made Easy
is a free project builder for makers to easily create and control
ESP8266, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi automation projects.

•  Remotely manage and control sensors and actuators
•  Create and visualize data with custom dashboards and drag-and-drop widgets
•  Built-in automation with triggers and alerts
•  Get started from the Android and iPhone apps

Jumpstart your project in minutes!

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Making Your Own Custom Shortcut Keyboard

engineer Alex built a custom keypad populated with shortcut commands
for the Autodesk Eagle CAD software program he uses to design circuit
boards, but you could easily modify it for whatever keyboard commands
you want!

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Inspire, Create, Innovate | KIDVENTOR
Recycled Fabric Twine

Twist Fabric Scraps into Colorful Twine

your fabric scraps and offcuts, and make a colorful alternative to rope
and cord for your future weaving and craft activities.

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Create the Next Great Fat Brain Toy
Brain Toys has launched the Kidventor Challenge, which gives kids the
opportunity to submit their unique and creative design ideas for new
toys and games. The winner will get a $2,500 scholarship, $500 in toys, a
prize pack from Make:, and his or her invention presented at the New York City Toy Fair and potentially sold around the world!

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Light Painting

Family Project: Paint with Light

simple circuits and long-exposure photography to create beautiful light
trails and designs in your photos. Build LED wands with different sizes
and shapes to create dramatic effects. Best of all, it’s really easy!

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Tips of the Week: Tool Layout, Parachute Bags, Glove-Love, and Bendy Sticks

of the Week is a weekly peek at some of the best making tips, tricks,
and recommendations we’ve come across in our travels. Check in every
Friday to see what we’ve found and share your tips, shortcuts, best
practices, and tall shop tales in the comments!

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More from Make:
Sparkfun’s ESP8266 Thing (as in “Internet of Things”) is an inexpensive board for creating a Wi-Fi enabled electronics project. Check out our mini review!
Navarro shared his very cute pet robot, Zappy, over on Maker Share.
Zappy can autonomously rove around and follow or avoid objects in its
path. Watch the video to see it in action.
The Call For Makers is now open
for the 8th annual World Maker Faire in New York! Number eight is going
to be bigger than ever as we return to the largest city in the U.S. and
fill the New York Hall of Science with incredible innovation and
creativity. Apply today!

Upcoming Maker Faires

»  Maker Faire Singapore (Republic of Singapore): July 22–23

»  Wichita Mini Maker Faire (KS): July 22–23

»  Institute of Imagination Mini Maker Faire (London, UK): July 29

»  Maker Faire Detroit (Dearborn, MI): July 29–30

»  Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire (IL): August 5

»  South Bend Mini Maker Faire (IN): August 5

»  Dayton Mini Maker Faire (OH): August 5–6

»  Maker Faire Tokyo (Japan): August 5–6


Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

Maker Media, Inc | 1700 Montgomery St, Suite 240 | San Francisco, CA 94111

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