JavaScript Tournament – 29 JUL 2017 – eventbrite to Register

We’re coming to Lisbon on Saturday, July 29th to
host a tournament-style event to hire remote Javascript Chief Architects
for U.S. software enterprises. We are looking to hire as many as 20
people during this event!

We will use our transparent, gamified and competitive process to find
the best-of-the-best people. After passing a final interview, you will
receive a $100K/year-valued full time job offer instantly, on the spot

Crossover is an Austin, TX-based HR and Technology company finding
the top 1% of talent around the world. We also have a unique technology
that enables full time remote work from wherever you live or travel.

This gamified concept was tested by Crossover in Bucharest,
Timisoara, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Lahore,
Cairo, Moscow, and Lviv before, and we successfully hired over 100
amazing senior software developers from Eastern Europe.

Which positions are we hiring for?

!! The Tournament concept is shorter than the online process (we integrated all the evaluation steps in one day), so we highly recommend you to join the event !!

The Tournament will be limited to senior software talent with the needed experience in Javascript only. Register using the green button at the top of this page.

Tentative Event Schedule:

– 09:30 Registration

– 10:00 Introduction and instructions

– 10:30 Round 1 tests

– 12:30 Lunch – Food and drinks

– 13:00 Q&A Panel session –

– 14:00 Round 2 tests

– 17:00 Technical Interviews

– 19:00 Winner Announcements

Who can you meet?

Pedro Henriques – Technical Sales Architect

Angelo Valerio – Software Engineering Manager

Sorin Zavelita – Regional Manager

Ella Macoveanu – Brand Ambassador

All participants: we kindly ask you to bring your laptops (any OS accepted)

Pre-requisites for the event (you should have this on your laptop)


1. NodeJs (Latest Version)
2. NPM (Latest Version)
3. Any IDE for JS.
4. Any screencast tool with voice. (e.g


1. NodeJs (Latest Version)
2. NPM (Latest Version)
3. angular-cli
4. Any IDE for JS.
5. Any screencast tool with voice. (e.g


1. NodeJs (Latest Version)
2. NPM (Latest Version)
3. mongoDb (Latest Version)
4. Any IDE for JS.
5. Any screencast tool with voice. (e.g

How can you get more information?

* The number of available seats for the tournament is limited to 200


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