Tetuan Valley – Newsletter, startups, and more

We’ve hit the ground running this July! Here are some highlights:

Hot Topic: Internet Trends

Mary Meeker just released her much anticipated annual internet trends 355-slide powerpoint. Read our summary here!


What you need to know

Feature: Top 25 Accelerators, Incubators, Venture Builders in Spain

El Referente recently published a list of top accelerators, incubators, and venture builders in which we’ve been featured. Over 200 start-ups and investors contributed to the decisions. #NoBiggie

Congrats Tetuan!

Thread: Community Love

Tetuan Valley Start-Up School alumn and Leads Origins CEO Manuel Delgado tweeted about the importance of building a community.
We focus on lending a hand whenever we can.

#TrueStory #WeGotchu

Article: Cubelizer 
Our good friends at Cubelizer were just featured in an article by El Referente.
Fun fact: their name means “CUstomer BEhaviour anaLIZER”. Read the article to find out more!

How’s Business?

Networking: Pizza and Mentors

We’ve been busy in our first month of the Astronaut project with Seedrocket!
1. We held a pizza and networking event with Techstars and Seedrocket for our resident start-ups.
2. We held a monthly reunion of the Campus Madrid start-ups.
3. We had a mentorship breakfast with Trovit, ParkingDoor, elParking,
and HotelTools (among other start-ups) founder, Enrique Dominguez.


Peek at a pic!

New Campaign: Outbarriers’ Equity Crowdfunding

Outbarriers is making an effort to make streets more accessible for
everyone, including the blind! They first need your help to make this
vision a reality as they launch their equity crowdfunding campaign.

How can I help?

New Entrepreneur Ecosystem: TheCUBE

TheCUBE is an innovative space “made for entrepreneurs, by
entrepreneurs” in Madrid set up by Unlimiteck, one of Spain’s leading
players within entrepreneurship. It serves as a building to learn,
connect and develop their ideas.

TheCUBE also connects entre​preneurs to big corporations and Business Angels.
Have you heard about The Dojo?

What: Keep Coding Connect Conference
Who: 3 keynote speakers
When: July 8

See more info on their website!

Register for the event

After two great years of knowing her, our dear colleague Mar is off to
live in Germany. She was a great addition to the team & we’ll miss
her lots!

Best wishes, Mar!

GOXO is looking to hire a developer with experience in
backend development and B2C database creation. They’re a great team!



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