Android Meetup at Bright Pixel – 14 JUL 2017 – Friday @BrightPixel

We are inviting the Android community to get together on the 14th of
July (19h00) at the Bright Pixel office (Rua da Emenda, N. 19, 1200-169
Lisboa) or through live streaming on the Pixels Camp YouTube channel 

( to hear about the following topics:

– “Android: From an app to a library” by Sérgio Moura. 

Android developers often rely on third-party services, called
libraries, to provide parts of their applications functionality.
However, each used library means one more dependency to maintain, and
which might bring unexpected issues when integrating with our code. 

my experience on working as an application developer, to the jump to be
a library developer, I want to share with you some lessons I learned
(and still learning) during the path. Also, I’ll talk about the main
differences between developing applications to be published and
downloaded on the Play Store by the end-user, and libraries to be used
by other applications developers.

– “Firebase, let’s do it in realtime” by Filipe Barroso. 

Firebase is a hot topic in mobile development. It has given headaches
to Analytics teams and to the ones in love with Fabric. With this talk
we will go through the main functionalities of Firebase with Android and
see if it is really the perfect marriage. Is there really a better way
to build apps and grow our business?”

At the end we will have the chance to do some networking and eat some
pizzas, gently provided by the sponsors of this event, Onfido
( and Hole19 (

At last, we want to announce that the creation of the AndroidLx Slack
Community. So if you want to join us, please fill in the form below, so
that we can invite you to be a part of it.

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