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Ladyada - Limor Fried
Tuesday June 20, 2017
Inside Adafruit, the Open-Source Manufacturing Maker Champion
Founded in a dorm room in 2005 by MIT engineer Limor “Ladyada” Fried as an online learning resource and marketplace for do-it-yourself electronics, Adafruit is now a highly successful electronics company, educational resource, and maker community. In our cover story from the latest issue of Make:, we take a deep dive into what makes this community-driven company tick.
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Air Hocky CNC robot

Assemble a Robot Opponent for Air Hockey
Never be without a worthy adversary with the Air Hockey Robot EVO. It’s easy to set up and deploy, and it’s controlled by your Android smartphone.

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Coin Art

Coins Become a Canvas for This Intricate Carver
Often called “Love Tokens,” or in some cases “Hobo Nickels,” maker Shaun Hughes engraves coins with intricate and beautiful designs. Check out more of his intricate designs.

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Pi Binoculars

Take Photos Through These Raspberry Pi Powered Binoculars
Upgrade a pair of binoculars (or a telescope or microscope) with a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Pi camera and use one of Adafruit’s touch LCDs to view and take pictures at a distance.

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commute deck

This Custom Built “Commute Deck” Makes it Easy to Work on the Go
Maker Kerry Scharfglass wanted a more productive computing experience for UNIX terminal work in tight places during his commute to work. Laptops were cumbersome, so he built his own custom device.

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Final Launch Night

Build an LED Copter and Slingshot
From our recent book Electricity for Young Makers: Fun and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects, this easy-to-build helicopter project not only lights up but also flies through the air!

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More from Make:
The updates and upgrades in the LilyPad Arduino USB ATmega32U4 make this wearable favorite even better. Check out our review.
In this installment of the Makeshift Challenge, your questionably-legal urban exploration has left you trapped and immobile in the upper floors of a condemned building. Come up with your own solution and read how other readers would have escaped.
Sixth grade maker Elijah Horland talks about the trials and tribulations of building a laser cutter for the science fair — and reasurring the judges that, yes, he did in fact build it himself!

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