Portuguese Tecnologies and Discoveries

“Portugal, southwest of Europe, with its coastline facing the
Atlantic, was the most central geography in the world and therefore
conducive to navigation.
The country turned to the sea and launched into the Maritime Expansion.For more than 500 years, the Portuguese Technology has consolidated
and perfected instruments such as nautical charts, travel itineraries,
nautical needle (compass), ships and caravels.
The caravel, a boat of greater draft than the boat. It had two masts and triangular sails (Latin cloths). He was swift and, most importantly, navigating the pen. Portuguese Technology discovered and developed the first vessel suitable for ocean exploration. Portuguese
navigators began to be guided by the stars (Sol and other stars) –
inventing the astronomical navigation, with the perfection of
instruments like the Astrolábio and the Quadrant;
In addition, they transformed the Staff of Jacob into the Balestilha.

precision instruments enabled for the first time in human history the
determination of an exact location by means of rigorous mathematical
measurements of distances, annotations of coastlines, and other
information were transmitted by the sailors to the cartographers, who
drew increasingly rigorous maps.
The Portuguese have perfected instrumentation and cartography all over the world.Combining innovative craft and navigational instruments, the courage
and daring of Portuguese navigators served the purpose of giving new
worlds to the world.
The epoch of the Discoveries is the passage from one world to another, from Europe to the whole Earth. Portugal was the pioneer of globalization.
is the time when the traditional schemes are outdated, in which it is
recognized that it is necessary to pay attention to the observation;
It is still the time when many myths fade. The scientific discoveries have determined a radical change in the conception of the Earth and of the Universe. The Portuguese Discoveries were the main causes and consequences of
the Renaissance, given the increasing desire of the Man to know the
world and for this to proclaim his knowledge.
like Gil Eanes, passed for the first time Cape Bojador, Bartolomeu Dias
the Cape of Good Hope, Vasco da Gama for the first time discovered the
maritime route to the Indies or Pedro Álvares Cabral that discovered the
American continent, opening the way to Cristovão Colombo,
Are the daring protagonists of the great maritime discoveries that
have required new methods of scientific inquiry based on direct
observation and experimentation.
It is Portugal that leads the advances of the technique, builds
innovative boats and perfects instruments that support the will of man
to dominate nature and the world.
is the most important country in the development of Europe. Its
contributions to the scientific development of humanity, in particular
in botany / medicine, astronomy, are of paramount importance;
cartography; mathematics; Geography and anthropology.Over the centuries, other Portuguese such as Serpa Pinto or
Hermenegildo Capelo, Gago Coutinho have continued the genuinely
Portuguese DNA of innovation, audacity and development.
Today, Portugal is one of the countries that uses and implements new tools and information technologies.
It ranks first in the world ranking of e-government, e-banking and accessibility to the digital world.
Portugal is a renowned manufacturer of software platforms, implemented
throughout the world, with a special focus on lusophony, a market with
more than 260 million people.
Portuguese technology has been in the last 600 years and will continue
to be one of the most important in the development of Europe and the
world. “

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