Facebook Marketing API Accelerator Program


Become a Facebook Marketing Developer

Transform your marketing through technology integration and
marketing automation to reach people at scale on Facebook and
Instagram via the Marketing API.

Marketing API Accelerator Launches
want to share some exciting news with developers working with the
Marketing API. As part of our ongoing efforts to constantly add value to
our community, we’re kicking off a new Marketing API Accelerator

better support you, it has two customized tracks to cater to your
specific technical and business needs. Additionally, we know that
innovation isn’t confined to one location; therefore, our program is
global — we will support it across 47 Facebook offices.

will receive tons of benefits such as working with our engineering
team, getting strategic advice from partner managers, and understanding
vertical based best practices. Additionally, you will also be able to
connect with like-minded startups and companies through online and
in-person events..

The best part about the program is that it’s completely free. Be sure to visit our Marketing API Accelerator program to learn more and apply. NOTE: Even if you have applied to a similar program before, please feel free to reapply.

source and credits to:

Marketing Developer Growth Team


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