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4 Axis Quadcopter
Tuesday May 16, 2017
Top 5 Affordable Quadcopter Kits for Newbies
Off-the-shelf drones can get pretty expensive, but here are five options that you can build yourself and won’t break the bank.
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Intel Curie - New in stock | Mouser Electronics
Student Inventions

4 Student Inventions That Are Helping Their Communities
Four student groups from across the United States each designed and built incredible pieces of tech to better their communities. We were lucky enough to get some of the participants to write down and share their reasonings behind their projects, and explain how they overcame the struggles they faced.

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Intel® Curie™ Low-Power Compute Module at Mouser 
Unleash a low-power hardware module for wearables and other industrial devices. Featuring the Intel Quark™ SE SoC, this low-power, 32-bit MCU with 384kB flash and 80kB SRAM memory offers a complete solution that comes with compute, motion sensors, BLE, battery charging and pattern matching capabilities for developing always-on applications.

Shopbot Desktop

Review: Shopbot Desktop Max Gives Pro CNC Router Quality — For a Price
The price tag is a little steep, but the ShopBot Desktop MAX retains the precision and software package that made its smaller cousin, the ShopBot Desktop, a great entry-level machine with twice the cutting area.

Makey Cup

Here’s the Dastardly Winner of the Worst Cup Ever Contest
We had some really great entries to the Worst Cup Ever contest. Many of you put in some real time and creativity into trying to figure out a cup that would be nearly impossible to drink out of, but in the end Keifer Read pulled out the win with his devious Canteen of Denial.

Tiny Tuna

Tiny Cooking, It’s an Actual Thing!
Who knew there was a community of chefs who like cooking in Lilliputian kitchens? It’s real food, just in tiny,tiny proportions.

Makeshift Airline

MakeShift Challenge: Outbreak on a Plane
The creator of MacGyver challenges you to use your skills to manage a mysterious outbreak on a passenger plane.

More from Make:
Hebocon is a crappy robot competition that celebrates failure. Their dedication to crappiness is so great that even the winners lament that their bots weren’t crappy enough to lose.
Dustin Sloan and Trenton Charlson made a chainsaw-powered tricycle and motorized Little Tikes car and use them to charge around campus.
If you gut an old TV, you can replace more of its innards with a Raspberry Pi and make a fully-functioning portable video game console.
Nvidia’s Jetson TX2 board brings parallel processing for deep neural networks for visual recognition and other AI tasks. Check out our mini review.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Flagship Faire: Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo, CA): May 19–21
 »  Wayne County Mini Maker Faire (OH): May 20
 »  Buffalo Mini Maker Faire (NY): May 20
 »  Jackson Hole Mini Maker Faire (Jackson, WY): May 20
 »  Tartu Mini Maker Faire (Estonia): May 20
 »  Maker Faire Vienna (Austria): May 20–21
 »  Kyiv Mini Maker Faire (Ukraine): May 20–21
 »  Maker Faire Wallonia (Liege, Belgium): May 25
 »  Adana Mini Maker Faire (Turkey): May 26–27
 »  Izmir Mini Maker Faire (Turkey): May 26–28
 »  Vilnius Mini Maker Faire (Lithuania): May 26–27
 »  Lomé Mini Maker Faire (Togo): May 26–27
 »  Strasbourg Mini Maker Faire (France): May 27–28
 »  Torino Mini Maker Faire (Italy): May 27–28
 »  Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire (Gibsons, BC, Canada): May 28
 »  Chisinau Mini Maker Faire (Republic of Moldova): May 28
 »  Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire (Israel): May 31
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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