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Tuesday May 9, 2017
17 Larger-Than-Life Projects to Behold at the Biggest Maker Faire on Earth
It’s no secret that you can easily have your mind blown by just walking around Maker Faire Bay Area, the mothership of all Maker Faires. There will be no shortage of jaw-dropping, oversized projects to gawk at, tell a friend about, and be inspired by. From a giant mechanical ant to a flame spewing anatomical heart to a life-size game of Mouse Trap, these 17 are just the tip of the iceberg.
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Pop Up Card

Mother’s Day Gift Guide
It’s your last chance to find the perfect maker gift for mom this weekend! We’ve added a bunch of new ideas, whether you’re making something for mom, planning a project to do together, or restocking mom’s stash of supplies.

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Exclusive Unveiling at Maker Faire Bay Area - The newest Panavise
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Iris Skylight

How I Built a Giant Mechanical Iris Skylight with a CNC Router
Make: Senior Editor Caleb Kraft got to fabricate the giant mechanical iris of his dreams with the help of CNC Router Parts. Check out the video of his build process, plus go behind the scenes and watch how he assembled the huge 5’×10′ CNC router he used for the project.

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Dieselpink Cell Phone

Build a 1930’s Style Dieselpunk Cellphone
Using Adafruit’s Feather Fona board and a handful of components, you can build your own functioning cellphone with a retro alternate future look. Make and receive calls and SMS texts and even play FM radio with this phone.

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Washing Machine

MakeShift Challenge: Under Siege in a Laundry Room
Lee Zlotoff, creator of MacGyver, challenges you to signal for help from an isolated laundry room while three burly men try to attack. Come up with your own solution and read winning strategies from other Make: readers.

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Papercraft Makey

DIY Posable Papercraft Makey Mascot
Papercraft is a fantastic way to explore model making and, generally speaking, paper models are cheap and relatively easy to assemble. Here’s a fun papercraft version of our Maker Faire mascot Makey, so you can make your very own robot buddy.

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More from Make:
Up until now, the open source hardware movement has been limited by the use of off-the-shelf, commercial silicon chips. SiFive is trying to change that by developing a truly open source chip architecture.
Not one, but two Make: editors recently picked up embroidery machines to play around with. And as makezine Managing Editor Sophia Smith scoured Youtube for tutorial videos, she was also fascinated by simple, up-close timelapse videos of the machines in action. Here are a few of her favorites.
Learn how to build a strong, wooden toolbox with a clever lift-out lid to class up your workshop.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  North Little Rock Mini Maker Faire (AR): May 13
»  Ljubljana Mini Maker Faire (Tobaca, Slovenia): May 13
»  Madison Mini Maker Faire (WI): May 13
»  Martha’s Vineyard Mini Maker Faire (West Tisbury, MA): May 13
»  Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire (West Palm Beach, FL): May 13
»  Barre Mini Maker Faire (VT): May 13
»  Maker Faire Austin (TX): May 13–14
»  Flagship Faire: Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo, CA): May 19–21
»  Wayne County Mini Maker Faire (OH): May 20
»  Buffalo Mini Maker Faire (NY): May 20
»  Jackson Hole Mini Maker Faire (Jackson, WY): May 20
»  Tartu Mini Maker Faire (Estonia): May 20
»  Maker Faire Vienna (Austria): May 20–21
»  Kyiv Mini Maker Faire (Ukraine): May 20–21
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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