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At Beta-i, we have a new eye-catching tagline that is remarkably true – and it’s really big news.

Lisbon Challenge, our main accelerator, will now invest in startups: 

                                                            10K TO LAUNCH A PRODUCT IN 10 WEEKS
And just like Isabel Salgueiro, who is running Lisbon Challenge, said: “we’re not looking for traction, proof of concept, or first sales”.
So, what are we looking for? Here’s what.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you but, in the middle of the pile of junk from my mailbox, there was a court notification… Now I have a very strong reason to go to the Lisbon Investment Summit. I need to convince Index Ventures to pay for the court expenses. If not Index, I bet Atomico will – or really any of these top VCs that are coming to Lisbon.
Have a great week,


Maria Almeida
Almighty Duchess of Content at Beta-i
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Pitch at #LIS17 to a crowd of investors and get the chance of winning a spot at the Lisbon Challenge Bootcamp. You have 3 days to go! Apply here.
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Looking for talented and ambitious founders. Get 10k and launch your product in Lisbon in just 10 weeks with Lisbon Challenge. Apply here.
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This journey will eventually lead to the whole world. Tag along if you’re building a product which can be used by the
tourism industry, and if you want to work with top players in this industry. Apply here.
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