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Lets improve Madrid innovation ecosystem

We need your opinion to accelerate the economic growth and to facilitate
the creation of an ideal ecosystem for the creation of start-up
companies. We will share the results in MIT the 20th May.
Want to improve

Idea, product and business

“During my vacations in Cascais during the summer I wrote the first
seventy or eighty pages, and a couple of months later I realised that I
had more than 150 written pages and that seems more like a book than a
few of technical notes so I decided to turned it into a book” Justo
Hidalgo, alumni and mentor at Tetuan Valley.

Justo is great

What does Fontown have for you?

Fontown had the opportunity to be part of Tetuan Valley Cordoba’s
program. They have a great selection of typographies with which you will
be able to work. In addition you will not have to pay for every source,
with your rate you will be able to use all. Sounds great? Continue

About Lole and Fran

The Spanish situation of women in tech
Historically many of the pioneers in the area of the computation were women. Why now not? What is what has changed?

More about

Learn, swift and build iOS apps

If you want to be a better iOS developer Digital Leaves  have prepared a
selection of tutorials and articles to get you started. Digital Leaves
have featured practical tutorials and real-world sample projects. Free
and ads-free.


Learn about iOS

Fresh Spanish tech news
If you want to know more about the entrepreneurs world this is your
site. Novobrief is an English language publication covering the Spanish
startup ecosystem, edited by a closed friend Jaime Novoa.


Stay updated

Karel Escobar, from intern to CEO

Thanks to a work placement grant from Banco Santander Karel has the opportunity to climb and become CEO of Tetuan Valley.


Read more

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