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Chess Globe
Tuesday April 18, 2017
Playing Chess on a Beautiful, Magnetized Globe
Maker Ben Meyers saw a picture of a spherical chess set online and set out to make a version of his own. Made from soft maple and walnut, the spherical surface actually changes the way you play since the edges of the board wrap around and connect to each other.
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Jumping Bot

Leaping Robot Inspired by Bush Babies and Parkour
In development at the University of California, Berkeley, Salto is a tiny leaping bot that can jump higher than a person. Watch the video to see it combine leaps and bounces off of walls and other surfaces to do some serious traveling over both horizontal and vertical terrain.

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DIY Bio Lab

How to Set Up Your Own DIY Bio Lab
Professional labs cost hundreds of thousand of dollars to build from scratch, but you can get started for around $500 or less with a little improvisation and patience.

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Mesquito in amber

Makers Replicate Jurassic Park’s Mosquito in Amber
Peter Brown and “Pocket” decided to put their talents together over the course of two years to make this incredible replica of dinosaur cloning mastermind and ice cream aficionado John Hammond’s cane from Jurassic Park.

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MakeShift Challenge: Hot Electrical Problem
It’s fire season during a drought and you suddenly realize that you have a dangerously hot electrical system in your new cabin. Can you prevent a potentially devastating fire?

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Living Hinge

Creating Living Hinges
Rigid materials don’t bend much, but we can create “living hinges” that take advantage of the slight degree of bend and make it possible to create very large bends that possess a unique aesthetic. Here’s how.

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More from Make:
Here’s a simple, humane PVC mousetrap to catch those not-so-welcome furry neighbors
Two out of five fruits and vegetables are judged to be “too ugly” to be sold in traditional grocery stores. The makers of Ugly Juice wanted to make sure that produce didn’t go to waste.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  New Orleans Mini Maker Faire (LA): April 22
»  Maker Faire Burlington (NC): April 22
»  Maker Faire Westport (CT): April 22
»  Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire (PA): April 22
»  Red Deer Mini Maker Faire (Alberta, Canada): April 22
»  Maker Faire Sachsen (Chemnitz, Germany): April 22–23
»  Flagship Faire: Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo, CA): May 19–21
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