VISA Everywhere Initiative Challenges in Europe – apply until 17 MAY 2017

Wherever you want to be, Visa helps you get there. Enter
the first-ever European Everywhere Initiative.
Startups will have a chance to win up to €50,000 to support a development programme with Visa, or through a business partnership with Visa’s financial institution clients. Choose your challenge and apply now. 
Beginning in March 2017, Visa will invite eligible participants in Europe to submit their business solutions that apply to one of the following three briefs:
  • Local Community Challenge: How can digital payment technologies help create products that connect people and enrich local communities?

  • Regional Intercity Challenge: How can mobile technologies and connected devices transform the experience of intercity travel?

  • International Travel Challenge: How can new products and services, based on Visa APIs, deliver a more seamless international travel experience?
The Visa Everywhere Initiative was created in 2015 in the U.S. to drive strong business outcomes by harnessing the creativity and talent from within the startup community. 
In 2017, Visa will also host Everywhere Initiative challenges in North America, Latin America, and Asia.
Learn more about Visa’s Everywhere Initiative and stay tuned for updates, announcements and more at Mobile World Congress.


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