Data-pitch innovation lab – EC incubation programme

Data Pitch is a new European-funded project bringing together
established businesses and startups to meet today’s challenges with
Data Pitch will provide up to 50 European startups and SME’s with
world-class business support including: up to €100K equity free funding,
expert mentoring, investment opportunities.

Data Pitch is an EU-funded open
innovation project bringing together corporates and public sector
organisations that want to discover the untapped opportunity in their
data, with startups and SMEs innovating with data. 

It is centred around a competition with several challenges
set by the data-owning organisations, and an incubation programme to
help startups and SMEs use the data to address these challenges with
innovative products and services.

Data Pitch is a collaborative project: data-owning organisations help
define the challenges, and select the most promising startups and SMEs.
Startups and SMEs own the IP for the solutions they produce, while
data-owning organisations have the right to use the work for commercial

The competition will run twice, with calls for startups in July 2017
to July 2018. There are multiple challenges in each call which draw on
data sets from several organisations.

Data Pitch manages the overall programme, organises the competition
‘calls’ and selection processes, funds the best ideas, and helps the
winners deliver.

Data Pitch is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and is being delivered by:

University of Southampton (UK):  The University
leads the Data Pitch initiative. It is a renowned authority in Web and
data science and a trusted provider of secure data hosting facilities to
government and industry. 

Beta-i (Portugal): Beta-i is one of the most active accelerators in Europe and recipient of the European Enterprise Promotion Award.

The Open Data Institute (UK): The ODI is a data and open innovation facilitator, with strong links to data protection and privacy stakeholders.

Dawex (FR): Dawex
is a marketplace for private and worldwide data monetization and
acquisition, and winners of the 2015 French Digital Innovation


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