Lisbon Business Storm – 1- 2 JUN 2017

Business Storm is a world famous, new-millennium, unique business event
format that aims to disrupt the business world by combining three
flammable ingredients: The Tomorrow’s Business Knowledge, Unique
Emotional Experiences, and Disruptive Business Ideas.

Business Storm will offer to every participant a diverse,
mind-alerting, know-how rich, entertaining and thought-provocative
agenda that will include learning through experience, local &
international speakers, world famous business experts, opportunities for
new business partnerships, unique networking formats, cocktails,
experts panels on the business trends of tomorrow, theme performances,
shocking surprises, long-term business opportunities and much more.

unite Business, IT & Digital and Soft Skills to take you through a
unique event experience that will equip you with the know-how and the
skills to beat your “storm moments” in your business.

The Business
Storm is addressing issues from various business sectors and industries
and across geographies. It is designed for & dedicated to
professionals of diverse business backgrounds we deliver top-notch
know-how & bold dreams into reality. This is the Business Storm. It
is a well-known fact that the Sun always shines after a storm.


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