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Cat Armor
Tuesday April 4, 2017
These Intricate, Hand Built Suits of Armor Are Fit for a Cat
artist Jeff De Boer is best known for his series of hand-crafted,
animal-sized suits of armor. He began in college nearly 30 years ago and
has continued to expand and refine his impressive creations.

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Raspberry Pi TOR Router

Browse Anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router

Congress reaffirming that ISPs can sell your private internet browsing
information, now’s a great time to look into using a VPN. Here’s one
option that you can build yourself with a Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi Terminal

This Pi-Powered Linux Terminal Is the Size of an iPhone

a cleverly designed ultra-portable Linux box, look no further than
NODE’s Zero Terminal. Built around the new Raspberry Pi Zero W, you get a
Wi-Fi connected, 1GHz computer with a full QWERTY keyboard in a
pint-sized package.

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Raspberry Pi and Arduino Projects Made Easy
Cayenne is a free project builder for Makers to easily create and control Arduino and Raspberry Pi automation projects.

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•  Create and visualize data with custom dashboards and drag-and-drop widgets

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Cocktail Bot

Build a Simple Cocktail Drinkbot with Arduino

a splash at your next cocktail party (and offload some of the work of
making drinks) with this Arduino-powered Mai Tai mixer. Build your own
and experiment with programming your own drink recipes.

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Cup Contest

Design the Worst Cup Ever to Compete in Our April Fool’s Contest!

better time than April Fool’s to launch a contest to design the worst
cup ever! The idea is simple: we want you to design and 3D print a cup
that is impossible, annoying, or tricky to drink from. You could win a
SeeMeCNC H2 delta-style 3D printer!

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CNC Machine

What I Learned from Building a Giant CNC Router Kit

Senior Editor Caleb Kraft recently documented putting together his new
5’×10′ CNC router table. Check out his time lapse of the build and a ton
of tips that he discovered throughout the build process.

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MakeShift Challenge: High School Lockdown
a school lockdown in place and communication services down, how can you
and your fellow metal shop students establish two-way communication
with the outside world and figure out what the heck is going on?

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Screen Printing

Create Custom Screen Printing Designs at Home
printing manages to remain a viable practice among professional and DIY
users. T-shirts may be the most popular choice, but there are many
other uses for this venerable technique. The basic activity is dead
simple and can be done with surprisingly primitive equipment.

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Whether you’re backing a project or looking for funding, check out these savvy Kickstarter tips and tricks.
Avoid expensive systems and take a look at these two ways to make your own pocket hole jigs for joinery.

Upcoming Maker Faires

»  Maker Faire Cairo (Giza, Egypt): April 7–8

»  Maker Faire Hong Kong (China): April 8–9

»  Maker Faire Miami (FL): April 8–9

»  Tri-State Mini Maker Faire (Lakeville, CT): April 9

»  Fresno Mini Maker Faire (CA): April 9

»  Kent State Mini Maker Faire (Kent, Ohio): April 14

»  Omaha Mini Maker Faire (NE): April 15

»  Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire (UT): April 15

»  Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire (Scotland, UK): April 16

»  Flagship Faire:
Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo, CA): May 19–21


Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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