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Tuesday March 28, 2017
Watch the Tiny Moving Scenes in This Shark Submarine Sculpture
Fine artist and self-described master hoarder Nemo Gould conjures up fantastic sculptures made entirely of found objects. His 16-foot Megalodon sculpture is a wonderland of little stories and details.
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Light Box

How to Build a Tabletop Light Box
Want to take better, more professional looking photos of your projects? John Park has a great how-to for building a simple foamcore-based tabletop light box that can be broken down for convenient storage.

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Viveport Premiere: MakeVR
New on Viveport, MakeVR is a breakthrough experience in advanced freeform modeling. Bring your ideas to life in your own virtual studio, with room-scale freedom, powered by a professional-grade CAD engine. Beyond visualization, MakeVR supports all major 3D printing platforms so you can bring your ideas to the real world.

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Custom Foam Inserts

Cut Custom Foam Inserts to Store Fragile Equipment
Transporting delicate electronic or photographic equipment is easy to do. Here’s how to make custom polyurethane foam inserts inside a rigid case to stow your fragile stuff.

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The Art of PCBs and Gonzo Circuits
Hand-drawn PCBs are often a thing of necessity for one-off projects, but these artists take it to another level by etching art, whimsy, and improvisation into their custom circuit boards.

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Make your imagination real. Build your ideas in virtual reality with  MakeVR® and HTC Vive™
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MakeShift Challenge: Survive a Deserted Island
There are no well-stocked, semi-abandoned hatches or Dharma Initiative supply drops to help you survive on this tropical island. Use your wits and a set supply list to survive until rescue arrives.

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Steampunk Remote

This Steampunk Remote Controls the Radio with Style
Maker Michael Greensmith wanted a fun retro sci-fi remote control to go with the 1940s-style housing of his music system. Here’s how he built it.

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More from Make:
Cynthia Cho is a Seoul, South Korea-based maker who makes kits and cool stuff with Arduino.
The strength of a community comes from its support, which can be giving help or feedback on a build, or lending a hand when someone needs it personally. Last week we received a note that one of our most active makers, Joey Hudy, is in need of support.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Simsbury Mini Maker Faire (CT): April 1
»  Wittwer Mini Maker Faire (Stuttgart, Germany): April 1
»  Maker Faire UK (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK): April 1
»  Benicia Mini Maker Faire (CA): April 2
»  Maker Faire Cairo (Giza, Egypt): April 7–8
»  Maker Faire Hong Kong (China): April 8–9
»  Maker Faire Miami (FL): April 8–9
»  Tri-State Mini Maker Faire (Lakeville, CT): April 9
»  Fresno Mini Maker Faire (CA): April 9
»  Flagship Faire: Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo, CA): May 19–21
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

Maker Media, Inc | 1160 Battery St. East, Ste 125 | San Francisco, CA 94111
 View it online.

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