inRes – Entrepreneurship In Residence – apply until 4 MAY 2017 by CMU Portugal

 Abriram as candidaturas para o inRes –
Entrepreneurship In Residence, programa de aceleração de negócios para
empreendedores portugueses na área das Tecnologias de Informação e
Comunicação, promovido pelo Programa CarnegieMellonUniversity Portugal.


inRes will have a preparation period in Portugal, followed by a
seven-week immersion in the U.S.A., both at Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley, and
will close with a final presentation of the results back in Portugal. The
immersion will be provided to two team members for each entrepreneurial team,
who will do the immersion together with the selected team members from other
entrepreneurial teams, collaborating in some activities, and working
individually and/or with distance support in others.

Phase 1. Preparation in Portugal


inRes starts with a Preparation phase in Portugal, in which the teams will work together with inRes experts to:
– assess and improve their product/service and business concepts to a point
that will allow them to take full advantage of the immersion;
– prepare their pitches for the multiple situations of communication that they
will face throughout the immersion;
– develop a customized and detailed outlook and plan for the immersion in
Pittsburgh, anchored at CMU.



·      Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting will be, first of all, an opportunity for
everyone in the initiative to get acquainted. The meeting will be used to
discuss logistics, provide an overview of the months ahead, meet teams with
similar experiences, and discuss the basics of defining, assessing and
communicating needs, customers, markets, and products/services.

·      Seminars

The preparation sessions in Portugal will include seminars on
topics relevant for technology commercialization and the management of early
stage high-tech new ventures. Examples of topics that may be covered include
product/service value propositions, market and competitive assessment,
technology assessment, intellectual property management, operations and
distribution, strategic assessment, financials, funding, and legal aspects,
among others.

·      One-on-One Meetings

The sessions in Portugal will also include one-on-one meetings
with the Portuguese team running inRes, as well as visiting CMU and Pittsburgh
experts. In these meetings, the teams will receive specific feedback on the
work that they are carrying out, including the information they are collecting,
strategic input on the project, and orientations for future work.

Phase 2. Immersion at Carnegie Mellon University


The seven-week immersion period anchored at CMU’s campuses in
Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley, consists of
three interconnected streams of work: networking and business development,
internship at an accelerator, and a training program.  

 streams of work


During the
immersion period the inRes teams will participate in events and activities, as
well as work with their mentors, to: iterate, validate and enrich their
product/service and business concepts; develop a portfolio of contacts with
future potential customers, suppliers and partners; and identify and engage

.      Networking and Business Development 

Networking will consist of active engagement with the mentors
and faculty, as well as experts within and throughout the Pittsburgh and
Silicon Valley communities. Networking sessions will be implemented through
one-on-one interactions in group settings within the communities and the
ecosystem of the university. Additionally, various networking events such as
luncheons and/or dinners, and existing events that generally occur within the
communities, will be offered to the participants.

The business development module will be implemented through a series of
workshops and seminars developed for inRes, as well as general workshops and
seminars that currently exist within the CMU environment. For example, there
will be opportunities to interact with various experts in areas such as legal,
marketing, sales, and technology. These experts will provide general
information, as well as more specific information relevant for startups
operating in the regions of Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley.

.      Internship at an Accelerator 

Each inRes team will do an internship at an accelerator in
Pittsburgh that fits its technology and application focus, to work side by side
with local startups, and learn from sharing problems and solutions, in
particular regarding the managerial challenges in leading early stage high-tech

This experience will provide moments for engagement with other businesses
within the Pittsburgh region, allow the inRes teams to be immersed in the
culture of the accelerator, provide occasions to conduct business, and allow
engagement with all the activities that occur within the accelerator.

.      Training Program 

The inRes teams will meet as a group for classroom-based
activities, including: periodic meetings with mentors and/or faculty members to
share, discuss, contextualize and learn from their progress; and workshops and
seminars focused on topics in managerial capability development for early stage
high-tech startups (pitching, customer development, hiring and developing a
team, operations, budgeting and funding, building and leading a board, personal
management, among others).

The training program aspect was designed to provide an environment of continual
growth and information sharing through classes and workshops. These classes and
workshops will be a mixture of activities of existing programs and some
specifically designed for the inRes teams. For example, the participants will
be exposed to existing classes that are taking place in the Center for
Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the Tepper School of Business.

 Aspects of managerial development

Phase 3.Closing Session

A public final session, when the inRes teams return to Portugal
after the immersion, will provide an opportunity for showcasing the projects
and the results achieved through their participation in inRes.


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