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 Beta-i Newsletter:
Have you ever seen your dad dance at the disco? I don’t know about yours but, my dad is clumsy as hell…

Well, according to Tendayi Viki, the top innovation consultant we brought to our event Future Is Innovation, “for a big company acting like a startup is a bit like a dad at the disco”, and that what big companies should do is to “implement startup best practices”
other than trying to act like a startup. Meaning, suits are still okay,
no need to bring in your jeans from the closet, as long as you
implement lean methodologies.


It was a really great event… If you missed it check out this interview with Tendayi Viki, where he talks about corporate innovation and how even the government of China is implementing startup methodologies. Pretty cool, right? The next event from this series will be soon. Stay tuned. 

Now, talking about interviews… I have also spoken to one of our alumni startups that apparently has a secret weapon. I’m talking about Ectosense, a healthcare startup from Protechting, who nailed great partnerships with big companies – here’s how. And if you want to follow their footsteps, apply to Protechting until this Sunday.

Still on acceleration we have a new program in town… The Journey. Together with Turismo de Portugal, we have launched the Journey, a startup program for startups in tourism that brings 7 key players from the tourism industry together. This is where it begins.

Also, with applications open we have a startup program that is welcoming solutions to shape the future of Lisbon, Smart Open Lisboa. If you’re interested apply here and get to meet the big partners of the program such as PT, Cisco, and Lisbon’s City Council, at our Open Doors event. Register here.

On a different industry, we have Prio’s Jump Start. A startup bootcamp for startups focussed in energy, industrial production, lean management, distribution or retail. Get to work with the fastest moving energy company in Portugal, and test your solution with them, in real life – apply here.  

And now as a celebration note, we have 2 of our startups in the spotlight. won the Caixa Empreender Award and they’ve secured another investment from our friends at Bright Pixel. And Pumpkin launched an awesome new platform (if you have kids you’ll love it).
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From the one and only Almighty Duchess of Content, who had to work
from home today because her dog had surgery and he now has the most miserable look on his face.

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