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Electronics field repair kit
Tuesday March 14, 2017
Prepare for Repairs with the Ultimate Electronics Field Kit
If you take your electronics projects out into the wild, you’ll pretty quickly want to have a repair kit for the inevitable breakdowns. Here are a few tips on what to bring to troubleshoot any unforeseen problems.

Building a Baby Groot Puppet For My Shoulder
The first trailer for the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2 featured a shot of Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot riding on his shoulder. Make: Senior Editor Caleb Kraft decided that he needed a shoulder-riding Baby Groot of his own, and you can make one, too.

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Convert a Dishwasher into a Fish Tank? Why Not?
Dean Eaton, owner of Rochester Appliance, is always trying to set his business apart from the local big box stores. In this case, that meant building a 500lb fish tank into a dishwasher.

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DNA daiquiri

Extract DNA from Strawberries for a Double Helix Daiquiri
Extracting DNA from spit or fruit is a favorite science fair/Maker Faire demo. This version doubles as a delicious cocktail recipe, for science of course.

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Steppermoter clock

Use Stepper Motors for Unique, Analog-Style Clocks
The mechanical legacy of clocks means that most clock faces are round, but they don’t have to be. Here’s how to use stepper motors to build unique, precise, and easy-to-read timepieces.

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MakeShift Challenge: Survive a Flood
When an earthquake blocks off the stream next to your family’s rural home, you have 15 minutes to gather supplies and evacuate your flooding house for higher ground. With disaster efforts focused on nearby cities, how will you survive the next few days and, importantly, let disaster responders know where to find you?

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More from Make:
For International Women’s Day last week, we talked to some of the female makers who are effecting real, impactful change on the world.
It’s easy to think of making solely in the technical terms of what can be built with the parts at hand, but it’s important to remember that the ability to make means something to people and the act of making is often more important than the thing you make.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Grenoble Mini Maker Faire (France): March 18–19
»  NoVa Maker Faire (VA): March 19
»  Dillingen-Saar Mini Maker Faire (Germany): March 19
»  San Antonio Mini Maker Faire (Texas): March 25
»  Twin Tiers Mini Maker Faire (Horseheads, NY): March 25
»  Maker Faire Ruhr (Dortmund, Germany): March 25–26
»  Lynchburg Mini Maker Faire (VA): March 26
» Flagship Faire: Maker Faire Chicago (IL): Apr 22–23
» Flagship Faire: Maker Faire Bay Area (San Mateo, CA): May 19–21
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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