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Rasberry Pi
Tuesday February 28, 2017
New Raspberry Pi Zero W: Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for $10
Announced today, the pint-sized Raspberry Pi Zero is getting an upgrade. The newly-named Raspberry Pi Zero W V1.1 is adding built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities, a feature users have asked for since the original release. Check out all the new specs.
In partnership with Netflix:

Video: Turn Your Fave Netflix Character Into Your Personal Trainer
Netflix has released instructions for a customizable DIY fitness tracker that delivers motivation when you need it most. Set your activity threshold, pick your “coach,” then get your sweat on.

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Using a Data Collecting Surfboard to Design the Ultimate Ride
Every surfer has their own surfing style. Using a custom sensor pad and an Arduino Mini, Rob Renn wanted to turn those little idiosyncratic styles into data that could then be used to create a custom surfboard optimized for its rider.

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Nerf Clock

Hit Snooze by Shooting This Alarm Clock with Nerf Darts
Just in case you’re tired of waking up on time and not being late to work, here’s a stylish alarm clock that’s begging you to hit the snooze button. Stash a Nerf blaster next to your bedside and rain down foam on your way back to glorious sleepy time.

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Basic Boards

Act Quick, Get the Arduino and Raspberry Pi “Board Basics” Deal
A new ebook bundle from Make: and Humble Bundle pulls together some of our best books on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and sensors for Lego, Mindstorm, and robots. The pay-what-you-want deal runs Feb. 22–March 8, and also includes best-selling titles from the “Getting Started With” series and plenty of project-based books. Check it out!

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MakeShift Challenge: Save a Farm from Drought
Create a makeshift solution to irrigate crops using water from a local pond. The catch is that you have to raise the water and pump 50,000 liters each day for the next three months to adequately irrigate the field. You have a set supply list and about a week before the crops die. How would you do it?

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Eddie Build

Watch Us Build Eddie, the Self-Balancing Robot
For our new Make: Live series sponsored by Digikey, Make:‘s video guru Tyler Winegarner builds all kinds of cool stuff and livestreams the entire process from our Facebook page. In his newest archived video, Tyler makes contributor Renee L. Glinsky’s clever build, Eddie the Self-Balancing Robot, as seen in our current robot-themed issue of Make: magazine.

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Pencil Marker

Tips of the Week: Measuring Tape Mods, Mold Making, Vinyl Testing
These tips cover a few improvements you can make to your tape measure, two tips for mold making, and a quick tip on testing the quality of record vinyl. As always, leave a tip or two in the comments below and we might include them in next week’s tips round-up.

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More from Make:
Jeremy Cook shares a few lessons learned while building a auto-panorama device for his GoPro camera.
Stupid Robot Fighting League brought smiles to our faces with their ridiculous trash-bot battles on Youtube.
We found some promisingly hackable toys at New York Toy Faire this year.
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