F6S – New Programs, €1.8M+ in Funding, Intel/BMW/Oracle Partnerships – Your Feb 23rd Founder Opportunities – Newsletter

2 Months Free Marvel Design
($120 value)
You also have $780k in Hotel, Car Rental &
more Deals

Scale revenue (Access 420k enterprise customers) +
Tailored mentorship
Paris, FR

Scale your B2B IoT Startup w/SAP Experts, Partners &
335k+ Customers

Raising Series-A? Pitch for Mentorship, 1:1 VC Meetings,
Global PR ++
Barcelona, ES

Capital, JLR Pilot ++ if you’re disrupting Mobility &
London, UK • Up
to £250,000

Seed Capital w/Support from Intel’s global network for
Edtech only
Redwood City, US • Up
to $100,000 for 1-6%

Funding, Mentors & 13 weeks intensive focus on your
LDN, NYC, ATL, LA +More • $120,000
for 6-10%
 • 100+ Mentors

Funding, Mentors + Partnership w/Global leader in
Wholesale & Food
Berlin, DE • Up
to €120,000 for 6-10%

Europe’s #1 Accelerator. 73% of Alumni get funded
London, UK • €15,000
for 6%
 • 100+ Mentors

Get on center stage to pitch Int’l. VCs, Corporates &
Berlin, DE • 0%
 • Closes in 7 days

Pilot your Energy Startup w/EDP + Customers – Must be
based in Spain
Madrid, ES

Demo Day, 1-to-1 Mentor Sessions w/Global Brands &
Advertisers Execs
Cannes, FR • 0%

SportsTech Accelerator by Adi Dassler’s grandsons –
Funding, pilots ++
Berlin, DE • Up
to €25,000 for 8%

BMW Partnership w/Access to Prototyping tools, Clients
& Engineers
Munich, DE • Up
to €250,000

Food & Beverage Accelerator Fund w/Connections to
Accor, Danone etc.
Paris, FR • Up
to €150,000 for 3-10%

Global hackathon focused on UN’s sustainable development
Geneva, SUI • Closes
in 9 days

Equity free Accelerator w/Grants, coaching & Free
office space
Leipzig. DE • Up
to €6,000 for 0%

Accelerator that helps foreign startups thrive in Silicon
San Francisco, US • Up
to $100,000 for 3-7%

Get exposure + pitch investors @ largest EU Female-led
startup event
London, UK

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