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Tuesday February 14, 2017
Blacksmithing Essentials for the Beginner
Blacksmithing is by no means a dead trade, but if you’ve watched shows like Forged in Fire, you’ll notice the modern forge has quite a few degrees of separation from the bellows and hammering of forges past. Get back to basics with this old school blacksmithing primer.
Drive-In Speaker

Revive Old Drive-In Speakers with a Modern LED Twist
Long for the days of drive-in movie’s without the terrible sound quality? Update a vintage speaker with better sound and some LEDs to boot.

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Toy Hackers

Toy Hacking with Simone Giertz
Queen of questionable robots Simone Giertz has teamed with GoldieBlox, the engineering-for-girls toy company, for a series of kid-friendly project videos. The fun ideas are easy to implement and offer some quick results for youngsters.

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Make Shift Challenge

The MakeShift Challenge: Potable Water
In this challenge, create a makeshift solution to filter and purify water. The solution should be permanent and able to provide drinkable water for 20 to 30 people. The catch? You have a set supply list and only 48 hours.

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Underwater Mermaid

This Gorgeous Mermaid Tail Lights Up Underwater
This gorgeous tail built by Erin St. Blaine is the only waterproof swimmable LED mermaid tail in the world. No small feat considering water and electronics tend not to mix well. Here’s how she made it.

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Maker Faire Chicago

Maker Faire Chicago 2017: Get the Best Price on Tickets through Feb. 24!
Featuring innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance, and craft, Maker Faire Chicago will have the latest in DIY offerings, hands-on activities, and projects you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll have loads of fun things from our partners and chances for makers of all ages, and skill levels, to get in the mix.

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Hack Your Dog with Arduino-Driven Hot Dogs
A high tech version of the ol’ carrot on a stick trick, William Osman created a robot platform so he could guide his pup around with a tantalizing treat. The engineering part is solid. The canine cooperation? Not so much.

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