Fundo de Empreendedores – Fundação REPSOL – accelerator for energy and mobility start-ups

Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund is the accelerator for energy and mobility start-ups, whose objective is to ensure that the best solutions reach the market in the shortest possible time.
We offer entrepreneurs grants; technological, business and legal advice; training tailored to their needs and access to potential investors.
Submit your proposal and you will get the boost you need!
Through the Entrepreneurs Fund, Fundación Repsol pursues the following objectives:
  • Promote innovation and business development in the field of energy efficiency, taking advantage of opportunities for improvement offered by the energy sector.
  • To catalyse the participation of private investors in the creation and promotion of new companies and in the search and recruit of talent.
  • Bring research and innovation processes closer to the demands of the market, and vice versa.
  • Intensify public-private collaboration in R & D & I in Spain.


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