MAKE: Makers Faire Newsletter – Revisiting MakeShift, Throwing a Maker Party, and More

Tuesday February 7, 2017
Return of the MakeShift Challenge: Dead Car Battery
Back in the early days of Make: we ran a column called “MakeShift,” written by Lee David Zlotoff, creator of the iconic TV show MacGyver, that presented a sticky situation and challenged readers to submit solutions. Longtime Make: contributor Gareth Branwyn has dug up the old challenges along with the creative solutions submitted by readers. Test your ingenuity by coming up with your own solution or check out how others would have gotten out of these dicey situations.
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The Hardware Hacker

Review: The Hardware Hacker by Andrew “bunnie” Huang
Part travelogue, part how-to guide, and with a healthy smattering of technical manual thrown in, Huang’s The Hardware Hacker has intriguing insight into hacking and manufacturing in Shenzhen.

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How the FAA’s Drone Regulations Could Hamper Pros and Journalists
The Federal UAS law and its interpretation by the FAA have deficiencies that discourage compliance, restrict the advancement of UAS applications and block the First Amendment’s freedom of press guarantee. Here’s what Congress should do to make it better.

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Maker Party

Three Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Maker Party
One fantastic way to introduce your friends to making or grow the local maker community is to have a maker-themed party. There are tons of ways to do it, ranging from a slight maker angle to full-on project party. Here are three tips to help you get started.

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Lego Phone Station

10 Charging Station Projects
If you’d prefer your living and working spaces to look a little less jumbled, there are there are plenty of clever ways to hide those pesky phone charging cables. Check out these charging station projects for inspiration.

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Pen challenge

The “No Lathe” Pen Challenge Makes You Think Creatively
Bill Livolsi, one of our regular contributors, has stepped up to organize a fun challenge: make a pen without a lathe. The winner gets… a lathe of course!

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More from Make:
If you’re thinking about making your own fitness tracker, smartwatch, or wearable biosensing device, Maxim Integrated’s new hSensor development board is a great place to start.
We partnered with Bernzomatic during last year’s World Maker Faire for their Find Your Fire community grant program, and the results are finally in! Congratulations to grand prize winner Winslow Middle School! Read about all the finalists here.
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