Startup Porto Accelerator boosts startups with disruptive and technological profile. It is a hands-on programme, focused on empowering entrepreneurs for a quick process of growth hacking and for an effective communication and promotional strategy, aiming at a double accomplishment: sales and fundraising. 

For that reason, the pitch is one of the key-instruments of this innovative programme, whose final prize is assessed to sum up 17.000 EUR.
Startup Porto Accelerator is a programme aimed at fostering the emergence of startups carrying out activities of medium and high technological intensity. To attain this purpose the programme includes 3 stages of acceleration with different goals and duration:
1 | Call For Entrepreneurs
Duration: 2nd January // 3rd March
The first stage of Startup Porto Accelerator is the call for entrepreneurs. The registration period opened in January and expires at 10th February. Later, Startup Porto Accelerator team will announce the 20 best projects and the group of promoters that will have the opportunity to attend a 16 hours workshop about “Lean Startup Methodology”. After the learning experience, only 10 teams/projects will guarantee their ticket to the next stage of the programme.
Call open period: 2nd January – 10th February
Announcing the results (20 applicants choosen): 17th February
Workshop: 22nd & 23rd February
Selection and announcement of projects moving on to phase 2: 3rd March
2 | Acceleration in 3 steps
Duration: 3rd April // 18th May
In the second phase of Startup Porto Accelerator the entrepreneurs will continue their acceleration experience in three different stages: “Tune”, “Build” and “On Phase”. Let´s see what each one reserves:
  • “Tune” – the first step in the acceleration period, tests projects and teams in different ways. The participants have opportunity to define the business model, the market and confirm all projections or ideas using “Lean Startup Methodologies”;
  • “Build” – it´s time to build, improve and change the product based on answers obtained with market and business model confirmations;
  • “On stage” – after all the changes is necessary to prepare growth, market strategies and the final pitch of the projects for the Startup Porto Accelerator DemoDay (18th May). This session will occur in a conference dedicated to Technological Entrepreneurship. The 10 startups will have 5 minutes to pitch in order to retain the attention and capital from the investors’ panel.
3 | Scale Up
Duration: 19th May // 2nd October
After Startup Porto Accelerator Demo Day the 10 projects enjoy of a free incubation period at ANJE and INESC TEC facilities until the end of September. After the incubation period, the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to join an immersive experience (during a week) in Silicon Valley ecosystem. At San Francisco entrepreneurs will be able to:
  • Enjoy a free pack of 12 hours coaching with mentors from San Francisco ecosystem;
  • Meet specialists responsible for providing support in the definition of market strategy, preparing pitches for partners and guiding to organise investors’ presentations.
  • Access to know-how and assistance services available in Silicon Valley ecosystem and useful for the project evolution;
  • Access to precious insights for the incubation and scale up periods.


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