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LED Matrix Purse
Tuesday January 17, 2017
Sew a Custom Handbag with a Built-In LED Matrix
Here’s a bright, beautiful, and interactive accessory for an evening out that’s also a great conversation starter — a fabric-topped vinyl handbag with a removable, Bluetooth-connected, full-color LED matrix. Use your smartphone to display custom patterns or data from a site like Twitter in real time.
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Make: The 2016 Guide to Drones
RaspPotter Lamp

Turn on a Lamp with a Gesture-Controlled Harry Potter Wand
Make some magic with this Raspberry Pi-powered wand and lamp set. Inspired by the interactive features of Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, cast different spells (aka gestures) with the wand to turn the lamp on and off and change colors. No need for a light switch when you can cast “Lumos!”

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Kreg Jig Modification

Our Top Shop Tips for 2016
Last year was a great year for tips and tricks collected and published here on Make:. Here are some of the most popular and useful tips that we covered in 2016, followed by links to the original posts which contain even more indispensable tips.

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Snow Gun

How to Make a Snowball Shooter from a Leaf Blower
Designer, maker, and YouTuber Mark Rober was tired of his nephews getting the best of him during family snowball fights, so he applied his engineering skills to create a blower-based shooter that accepts magazines of snowballs for some serious, rapid-fire bombardment of the nephew’s snow fort.

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Getting Started with Your Multimeter
Multimeters are essential tools. Beginners may be daunted, but once you learn how to use one, it actually makes learning process easier, because it reveals what’s going on in a circuit that you can’t normally see.

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PS mod

Ben Heck’s Controller Mod Brings One-Handed Gaming to Playstation, Finally
I’m sure many video game enthusiasts (myself included) take for granted that they can easily hit all the buttons on a game controller. But while differently-abled gamers have been able to mod Xbox game controllers with some ease, modded Playstation controllers have been elusive — until now.

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Compose synthy samples with a rotating sound sequencer made out of Lego Mindstorms.
Here are 13 awesome shop tips that you can learn from auto shops.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Bangkok Mini Maker Faire (Thailand): Jan 21–22
»  Perpignan Mini Maker Faire (France): Jan 27–28
»  Caguas Mini Maker Faire (Puerto Rico): Jan 28
»  Maker Faire Kuwait (Mushrif, Kuwait): Feb 9
»  Kalispell Mini Maker Faire (Montana): Feb 25
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