MAKE: Makers Newsletter – FPV Balance Bot, Compare Prototyping Methods, and much more

Eddie the Self Balancing Robot
Build and Drive This Adorable FPV Balance Bot
For Renee Glinski, building a self-balancing robot is like a robotics right of passage. She developed this rechargeable, Wi-Fi-enabled, remote-controlled bot so you can become a roboticist in a weekend or two using 3D-printed parts and an Intel Edison module.
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Make: The 2016 Guide to Drones
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3D Prototypes

3D Three Ways: Comparing The Same Prototype With Filament Printing, Resin, and CNC
Here at Make: we often talk about how useful 3D fabrication is for prototyping, but it’s not often that we take the time to prototype the same thing using different processes and materials. Luckily, contributor Art Krumsee walks us through his experience of adapting a single design file to print in plastic, resin, and mill out of wood.

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D+D Screen

Building the Ultimate Dungeon Master Screen
This past Christmas, Dave Henning and his gaming group did a holiday gift exchange. Dave wanted to create something truly special for his recipient, so he constructed a DM screen that would make even the gods of “The Forgotten Realms” jealous.

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Yin Yan

Understand the Engineering Behind the Impossible Yin Yang Gears
While searching through the internet, you may have seen an animation of the Yin Yang symbol moving as a set of gears. Most likely, you moved on and didn’t think about it much more, but prolific woodworker Ronald Walters of the “Ron’s Stuff” YouTube channel decided to instead make his own real-life version of it.

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Marshmallow Snowflakes

Math Monday: Make a Flake
Using a snowflake design generator and a marshmallow sheet, you can create sweet custom shapes for your favorite wintry beverage.

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Dr Strange Magic Circle

Weekend Watch: William Osman Has Lasers and Laughs
William Osman doesn’t really fit into one single category in his video projects, but his playful nature makes it easy to learn from his successes and mistakes as he makes a random assortment of projects.

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More from Make:
It’s fairly easy to make breakaway glass for prop bottles and window panes. Here’s how!
This shipping container is actually a huge 3D printer.
Ever wondered what the differences are between a drill and an impact driver? Now you know!

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