MAKE: Makers Newsletter – Raspberry Pi or Arduino Uno?


Pi VS Arduino
Tuesday January 3, 2017
Raspberry Pi or Arduino Uno? One Simple Rule to Choose the Right Board
New Year is the perfect time to start planning your next project! But
should you use an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi? Here’s how to choose.

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Watch MegaBot Pick Up a Car Like It Is a Toy
a dangling car in one hand, the MegaBot is shaping up to be one
formidable fighting robot opponent. The ultimate goal is to battle with
the Japanese Kuratas robot in hand-to-hand combat, but frankly just
watching this thing come together is exciting enough.

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Plush Money With Glowing Heart

Add a Glowing LED Heart to Your Favorite Stuffed Animal
your stuffie a beating heart! A flashing LED makes a beating heart on
the inside, and a few stitches with embroidery thread show the love on
the outside.

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Behemoth Quilting Robot

Check Out the Behemoth: An Oversized Robot That Makes Nerdy Quilts
Theodore Gray’s “Quilt Master IV” full-frame quilt plotter can sew up
to 1500 stitches per minute and create intricate designs as large as a
king-size bed.

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Ladybug Bot

10 Classic Make: Projects
In the first few years of Make:
and the self-identified maker movement, there were a number of projects
that we featured in our newly minted magazine that became iconic and
served as project ambassadors to this exciting new endeavor. Here are 10
of those early projects, as interesting, relevant, and infinitely
makeable today as they were a decade ago.

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Arduino Bot

Building a Simple Arduino Robot
Here’s a quick and easy Arduino-powered robot using a breadboard, a few servos, and a range-finding sensor.

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Upcoming Maker Faires

»  Perpignan Mini Maker Faire (France): Jan 27–28, 2017

»  Caguas Mini Maker Faire (Puerto Rico): Jan 28, 2017

»  Maker Faire Kuwait (Mushrif, Kuwait): Feb 9, 2017

»  Kalispell Mini Maker Faire (Montana): Feb 25, 2017

»  Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire (NV): March 4


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