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Fairy Globe
Tuesday December 27, 2016
Easy and Enchanting LED Fairy Globes
Lin from Darbin Orvar has a fun and easy project using battery-powered fairy lights, a piece of wood, and a glass Christmas ornaments. Raid an after-Christmas sale this week and get the parts for cheap!
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Find the Rights Drone with the Make: Guide to Drones
Death Star Drone

That’s No Moon! That’s a Death Star Drone
The folks from Flitetest put this video together and used some added special effects to turn it into the space battle scene everyone really wants, including ships and planets being squished by the Death Star.

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Stuck Bolt

How to Free Frozen Bolts, Nuts, and Screws
We’ve all found ourselves faced with a badly frozen fastener – a rusted-shut screw, nut, or bolt – at least a few times in our lives. So, to makers of all ages trying to coax ancient machinery back to life, here are a few things you can try.

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Keep Cool Anywhere with a Battery-Powered Air Conditioner
Just in case it wasn’t cold enough outside, stay extra frosty with a cheap, effective DIY air conditioner based on Willis Carrier’s 1902 evaporative-cooling original.

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Heirloom Tech - Muqarnas

Heirloom Tech: The Math and Magic of Muqarnas
Muqarnas is a style of architectural ornamentation that dates back to the 10th century, originating in Iran and North Africa. Used primarily to form smooth visual transitions between straight walls and domed rooms, these insanely complex designs were made using nothing more than a humble compass and ruler.

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Dust Cyclone

Build a See-Through Cyclone Dust Separator for Your Shop Vac
Here’s a rewarding weekend project that turns an ordinary shop vacuum into a capable mini dust collector. It creates a swirling vortex of airflow to spin out all the big chips and sawdust particles, so that only the finest of fines will exit the top to be captured by your vacuum.

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More from Make:
Every Monday the folks at the National Museum of Mathematics explain a mathematical concept with everyday items. This post uses fruit to demonstrate traits of helices.
Senior Editor Caleb Kraft is on a quest to learn the lingo of different kinds of making. This week he tackles machine embroidery.
This excerpt from Charles Platt’s new book, Make: Tools, takes a brief look at various types of handsaws, saw styles, how they cut, and basic power vs. handsaw considerations.

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Perpignan Mini Maker Faire (France): Jan 27–28, 2017
»  Caguas Mini Maker Faire (Puerto Rico): Jan 28, 2017
»  Maker Faire Kuwait (Mushrif, Kuwait): Feb 9, 2017
»  Kalispell Mini Maker Faire (Montana): Feb 25, 2017
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