The EDP IoT Hackathon is coming. Are you ready? – will kick off on the 8th of February

The EDP IoT Hackathon will kick off on the 8th of February. We have prepared an amazing agenda that will definitely get you ready for hacking.

The Program

Together, EDP and Microsoft have created a hackathon to find out who are the best hackers in town. We want to have your brains not only to hack a device that is able to get charge data from an EDP Box and deliver the data to the cloud, but also to build an app that is able to explore this data in the cloud. For this we will want to see a lot (and we mean a lot) of creativity.

This hackathon is driven by EDP powered by Microsoft. This initiative aims at developing innovation scenarios which can promote new business projects, focused in Internet of Things (IoT), specifically around fresh technological approaches with Smart Meters.
 Rethink traditional business models in the energy sector. Leveraging both the open source scene and commercial solutions, teams should aim at building an end to end solution, for EDP’s residential customers to use at home. All projects must structure their approach to be easy to install, easy and with practical use while keeping a low effort maintenance. All this characteristics should promote a strong adoption by end-users.

Participants should always start with cloud and data analytics on top of their minds. A selected jury from EDP and Microsoft will evaluate the pitch, solution capabilities and applicability both from technical and business prespective.



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