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Today’s Staff Picks

 Zen Garden CNC End Table by MakrToolbox in Furniture

Talking Hamster Hack

 Talking Hamster Hack by randofo

Hand Sewing Class

 Hand Sewing Class with jessyratfink

Faux Pho

 Faux Pho by miserymachine

DIY Power Meter/Logger

 DIY Power Meter/Logger by GreatScottLab

Wooden Knot Puzzle

 Wooden Knot Puzzle by StephanP1

Wi-Fi Magnetic Door Spy

 Wi-Fi Magnetic Door Spy by esper2142

Sewn By Hand Challenge
Spark Plug Fighter Plane

 Spark Plug Fighter Plane by Budgiecake

Leather Domino Case

 Leather Domino Case by solobo

Arduino Segway

 Arduino Segway by stoppi71

Nacho Cheese Churros

 Nacho Cheese Churros by paperplateandplane

Solar Analemma Chandelier

 Solar Analemma Chandelier by makendo

Drawing Plotter

 Drawing Plotter by TheSuperSewcio.

Simple Wi-Fi Controlled LED Matrix

 Simple Wi-Fi Controlled LED Matrix by diytronics

Hex Nut Dice

 Hex Nut Dice by Itsatrav

How to Braid Your Own Hair

 How to Braid Your Own Hair by bekathwia

Cheap CNC Dos and Don'ts

 Cheap CNC Dos and Don’ts by pfred2

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Homemade Gifts Contest 2016

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