hack.summit() – Live Content – Newsletter 13th DEC webinar

Live Content is Back.

to our partners at Pluralsight, we’re excited to bring live content
back to you and the hack.summit() community this month with a
live webinar featuring Cyber Security expert, Dr. Jared DeMott, CTO of Binary Defense Systems.

On Sunday, December 13th, Dr. DeMott will be exploring the importance of
implementing security best practices in the early stages with your
developer team. He’ll also compare DevOps to the standard waterfall
software methodology. Similar to the interaction we loved during
hack.summit(), there will be a Q&A portion as well.

We hope you join us and Pluralsight for this webinar, and stay tuned for more live content for the hack.summit() community.

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Check out these popular tutorials from hack.guides()

has been using AngularFire2 for over a month now and finds it
fascinating how quickly he’s building his apps now. This guide will help
you create an app using Ionic 2 + AngularFire2 so you can make the jump
and start building with that combo soon!

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this tutorial, we will be showing you how to build a simple file
storage service. We shall be making use of VueJS to handle the front-end
interactions, Flask for the back-end, and RethinkDB for database
storage. The tutorial series will be introducing a number of tools as we
go, so stay tuned.

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Are you looking for a single tool that you can use to quickly create compelling prototypes for impressing your customers AND that
scales with complex project requirements like testing, quality
assurance, and continuous integration? Then prepare yourself for a
thrilling ride through our generator’s Building-apps-with-Ionic
adventure island!
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A Holiday Offer from Pluralsight

Looking for more content to learn from during the holiday season? Pluralsight
is also offering an extended Black Friday offer, that will give each
member of the hack.summit() community 33% off* an annual personal
subscription year of 5,000+ technology courses to help you find gaps in
knowledge and close them fast.

* Offer valid for an annual personal subscription only. Not valid for business plans. For business plan, please contact sales@pluralsight.com.

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