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SlowMo Bullet
Tuesday November 29, 2016
Teaching How to Safely Photograph Bullets in Flight
If you’ve ever wondered how to get those incredible slow motion shots of bullets shooting through everyday objects, here’s how to do it safely, courtesy of the Rochester Institute of Technology.
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Bose Build - Discover how your speaker works | Speaker Cube
5 Minute Foam Factory

Five-Minute Foam Factory
Make this easy hot-wire foam cutter and reuse leftover EPS foam to create treasures from trash. Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, you can create a double-cut, 3D teddy bear shape, spin a compound-curve cone, and cut a stack of foam sheets to make a blizzard of snowflakes.

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Electric Unicycle

3D Print a High-Power Electric Unicycle
Cruise 25 miles at 20mph on a sweet, one-wheeled ride you built yourself! The housing is 3D-printed in sections that are then stacked together to hold the batteries and the handle section holds the microcontroller.

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Kids Discover the Science of Sound with BOSEbuild
The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is the perfect gift for aspiring young makers. Kids learn the science of sound as they explore the world of magnets, electromagnets and motion. At the end of their app-driven journey, they will have their very own Bluetooth speaker with Bose-quality sound!

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Paper Ornaments

Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments
Craft these cute, easy-to-make ornaments in no time flat! It’s a great family project for a snowy day.

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Carry Less Stuff with a Minimalist Leather Wallet and Key Holder
Recreate this time-tested, simple design that carries only the bare essentials to leave your house: keys, ID, and currency. No keychains, no forgotten membership cards, no overstuffed coin pocket full of pennies.

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Dice Tower

Building Your Own Dice Tower
If you’ve ever played a board, tabletop, or role-playing game with lots of gaming materials on the table, you know how much havoc an errant dice roll can cause. The answer to this destructive threat is the dice tower, a game accessory that allows your rolls to land within a safe, fenced-in area.

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More from Make:
There are few better ways to beat the cold than by hopping in the hot tub. For Jesse and Alyssa, that meant building a system for their off-the-grid homestead, but you can easily adapt it to your backyard.
For those looking for high quality prints and reliability, the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ is a hard machine to beat. Check out our review in the newly updated 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide 2017.
Samsung’s Artik 10 IoT development board has so many features that no developer is likely to need all of them. But the combination of options means that any problem can be solved in a variety of ways. Read our mini review for more.
Make: Gift Guide — Technology
Every week, we’ll be featuring some of our favorites from the Make: Gift Guide. This week, we’re sharing some top picks from our technology category.
Featured Product: NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit

Looking for a developer kit that has some serious AI chops? The Jetson TX1 has 1 Teraflop of performance, an NVIDIA Maxwell GPU with 256 cores, 4GB memory and 16GB eMMC. This super powerful board is perfect for complex projects, especially work in computer vision and autonomous robotics.

A few more favorites:
Heathkit Digital Clock Kit
Getting Started with Wearables
Makey Makey Go
Butane Soldering Iron

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  DTLA Mini Maker Faire (Los Angeles, CA): Dec 3
»  Chengdu Mini Maker Faire (Sichuan, China): Dec 3–4
»  Ogaki Mini Maker Faire (Ogaki City, Japan): Dec 3–4
»  Bogotá Mini Maker Faire (Columbia): Dec 10–11
»  Strasbourg Mini Maker Faire (France): Dec 16–18
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