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What a great final we had!

Last week saw the team head to the Smart City Expo World Congress for the long awaited Smart City Hack 2016 Final. In front of a packed crowd our ten finalists pitched their brilliant solutions to our jury and really wowed us with their passion and solutions. Still, there was clearly one app that deserved the ‘Best SCH Solution 2016’ award, Phoenix’s Storage Together! As for really driving a sense of ‘Citizen Empowerment’, Psonríe took the prize. Click below to find out all about them…

Storage Together
Best SCH Solution 2016

Citizen Empowerment Award

The Appcircus Team

AC Stuttgart – The Last Appcircus of 2016!
It’s been an interesting year for all but we’ve still managed to squeeze an amazing 13 Appcircus events, as well as many other delights, into 2016. While submission for Stuttgart is closed you can still register and watch 10 developers battle it out for an MPA nomination and network like a pro. 

The Better Life App Challenge Final

Our judges are currently sifting through over sixty apps from around the world in order to pick the ten finalists who’ll be taking the stage at Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm, Dec 13. Who’ll be sharing the $10K prize money and rewards? Why not join us and find out! There’s complimentary beers and snacks of course.

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