Le Wagon Lisbon – Coding Station “FREE Ruby coding lesson for beginners @Fábrica de Startups” – MEETUP

Tomorrow: Join 54 apprentices at “FREE Ruby coding lesson for beginners @Fábrica de Startups”


With the amount of interest in our last Ruby workshop and
anticipating everyone’s excitement after Web Summit, we will be offering
another Ruby coding session.

Join Le Wagon
Coding School for a free Ruby coding lesson. It’s for complete
beginners. Hugo Alves, Le Wagon Lisbon alumni, will be running the
It’s a great chance to experience what goes on behind the scenes of software. 

We’ll start with a 30 minute introduction to Ruby, followed by 2
hours of coding with the Codecademy Ruby track. Hugo will be there to
help with any issues and challenges. 

For those of you who made it to October’s workshop, come back!  It’s a
great chance to build upon what you learned or just refresh.  Sometimes
it takes hearing a concept a few times before it truly sinks in.

Please bring your laptops fully charged if possible. No need to
download anything before. Just make sure you arrive on time so you
don’t miss the important 30 minute intro. 

See you there! 


via Blogger http://ptentrepreneurship.blogspot.com/2016/11/le-wagon-lisbon-coding-station-free.html


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