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3D Printed Pirate
Tuesday November 8, 2016
Live Now! Make:’s 2017 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide
For the fifth year in a row, we round up the latest and greatest 3D printers with our Digital Fabrication Shootout issue. It hits subscribers’ mailboxes this week, but you can find the full list of filament-style printer reviews online now. Find out which machine performed the best this year (Hint: It got the best test scores of any we’ve ever reviewed!), and compare it to our ever-growing list of printers.
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Hand Foged Flatter

A Dozen of Our Top Homemade Tool Projects
Crafting your own tools can deepen your relationship with a tool, and it’s fun to think, “Hey, I made this!” every time you use it. So here are 12 tools we’ve featured on Make: that you can make yourself.

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Raspberry Pi and Arduino Projects Made Easy
Cayenne is a free project builder for makers to easily create and control Arduino and Raspberry Pi automation projects.

•  Remotely manage and control sensors and actuators
•  Create dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets
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240V Power Cord

Understanding 240V AC Power for Heavy-Duty Power Tools
If you’re about to buy a 240V plasma cutter, or a MIG or TIG welder, you’re likely to experience a very common problem. The plug won’t fit your outlet. You can solve this with a simple adapter, but your first step should be learning enough about 240V power to be safe.

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IEE - Be an Even Better Engineer | Join/Renew

Take Charge of Your Career
Join a community of technology and engineering professionals united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate. IEEE members have access to technical resources, networking opportunities, product discounts, and more to help advance their professional and personal goals while supporting the IEEE mission to advance technology for the benefit of humanity. Learn about what IEEE can offer you!

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Adafruit Feather

A Quick Rundown on Adafruit’s Feather Ecosystem
Adafruit has released over a dozen different renditions to their Feather ecosystem. Most of the boards feature the same basic features, but each incorporates a unique hardware feature and can be connected together for additional functionalities.

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LED Candle

Make an LED Candle You Can Blow Out
Use a “hot wire” wind sensor and an Arduino to create a simple LED “candle” that you can actually blow out. Great for a family weekend project!

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Mindori Notebook

How to Make Beautiful Midori-Style Traveler’s Notebooks
Midori notebooks are a type of unbound journal system that allow notebook pages and other organizing materials to simply slide under the elastic string holding the book together. Easy to make at home and perfect for journal aficionados.

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The latest from Make:
The Ability3D 888 combines a router and welder in order to put 3D-printed metal objects within reach.
Light up the night with this super stylish ninja LED mask. It can provide both anonymity and draw a crowd at the same time!
Make: Halloween Contest — Eight More Days to Enter!
Time is running out to submit your Halloween costume or haunted house builds for our Halloween Contest! Submit a project and you might be featured in an upcoming issue of Make: magazine! ➔
Adafruit Circuit Playground
A fantastic board for costume projects and experimenting with sensors, it comes loaded with full-color LEDs and is cheaper than many bare-bones microcontrollers. Check out our review.  ➔

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