Ignite Your Digital Future! November 3rd for Spark, our first annual, fully virtual conference about mobile and digital – Appcelerator/Axway

MOBILE IMPACT // October 2016

Ignite Your Digital Future!

us November 3rd for Spark, our first annual, fully virtual conference.
Spark is a free, interactive online experience covering the latest in
mobile and digital, plus some new ways Appcelerator/Axway will help
solve for your digital future.


What “Made by Google” Means for Devs

October announcements expand the company’s reach beyond the search box
and smartphone to universally available computing. This vision means
good things for devs.

See Why

How AI Will Change the World


In this Vox
interview, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen
describes the trends he sees shaping the next generation of startups and
product breakthroughs.


OAuth Login for Titanium

promises secure, streamlined authentication – though it’s not always
straightforward to implement. This tutorial shows how you can use OAuth
in your Titanium app.

Learn How

Performance Monitoring with New Relic

solutions specialize in detailed performance monitoring of app
portfolios. You can add New Relic to your Arrow app for deeper
performance insight and debugging.

See how


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