Impact HUB Lisbon – Opening – Newsletter

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi  


Impact Hub Lisbon has a New Home and
we are reaching out to the pioneer group of people who will come to
inhabit this space and make this dream come true together with our Team.
This pioneer Community will have the unrepeatable experience of shaping
the space and the Community values, paving the way for those who will
join next. By being a pioneer you will play a role in co-leading this
adventure and in creating real value in Lisbon, Portugal and, why not,
in the World!

Become a pioneer-leader, Join us in this adventure!

For more information contact:

Address of the Impact Hub Lisbon Space: Rua da Imprensa Nacional n.34, r/c, 1250-126Lisboa

Community dinner and co-creation session 
been having some co-creation sessions about our new space along these
past months during our community lunches or dinners. We want to share
with you some of our conclusions and lessons from the ideas you gave us.
Whether it was answering a few questions or making stories up from
random images, the most important thing we learned is how for this
Impact Hub Lisbon community, the key element that is always present is
US! THE COMMUNITY.  Take a look at some of the stories our community
members imagined could happen in our new space

Coming soon…

Ecopreneurs for climate: Green economy and climate change, challenges and opportunities in Lisbon
coming up this during the 28th of October 
Interested? go to LINK 

Asset-Based Community Development with Cormac Russell organized by Biovilla during the 28th of October 
Interested? go to LINK

NewCo Portugal during the 11th of November  Already in our new space!
Interested? go to LINK 


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