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Tiny Humans
Tuesday October 11, 2016
Tiny Humans, Tiny Tech, and the Close-up Magic of Maker Faire
There were a lot of large-scale projects spewing flames or flashing intricate light patterns at World Maker Faire, but Make:’s Gareth Branwyn is a seeker of the small and out-of-the-way makers and the interesting things they bring to share. Here are a few of his favorite things.
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Raspberry Pi

Making Projects Has Never Been Easier 
Cayenne is a free project builder developed for Makers to easily create and control Arduino and Raspberry Pi automation projects.

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Mindy Cosplay

These Five Cosplay Communities Are Great Halloween Inspiration
Halloween is around the corner, and if you want to create your own costume, gathering inspiration from cosplay communities is a great way to start. Whether you want to build props, hone your sewing skills, or perfect a makeup style, these resources will you help out.

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Maker Lab

Enter the DK Maker Pack Sweepstakes 
Enter for the chance to win a DK Maker Pack, which includes a copy ofMaker Lab — a book with 28 awesome projects — an “I’m a DK Maker” drawstring backpack, and stickers. It’s the perfect starter kit for little makers and is sure to help them find their inner inventor.

Sand Table

The Gorgeous Kinetic Table Art of Bruce Shapiro
You might think these tables use sound waves or vibrations to generate patterns, but Sisyphus is powered by a computer-controlled steel ball that moves around through the sand in pre-determined patterns. Check out the time-lapse video to see it in action.

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Nitrogen Dispensor

Liquid Nitrogen Basics for the Home Chef
With some common-sense precautions, liquid nitrogen is perfectly safe to use for some kitchen experimentation. Here’s what you need to know to get started at home.

Pneumatic box

Scare Trick or Treaters with a Pneumatic Moving Box
Using two syringes, some plastic tubing, and some cardboard you can build a magic box that mysteriously opens and closes on its own. It’s perfect for a little Halloween surprise and easy to put together before the big day.

The latest from Make:
This simple sequencer lets babies play with shapes, sounds, and lights, while also teaching older kids the basics of electronic music.
Couldn’t make it to World Maker Faire? Check out some of our favorite sites and sounds from our live blog of the faire.
Here’s a quick pumpkin slicing tip for optimum candle access.
Get Girls Excited for STEM
We’re thrilled to be partnering with the first annual WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival on Oct 15 in San Francisco! Girls of all ages can participate in activities and learn about STEM, robots, 3D printing, coding, entrepreneurship, leadership, health and wellness, and more. ➔
MESH IoT System
This system of thumb-sized blocks should be a great stepping stone for people who want to take control of their Smart Home devices, but aren’t ready to leap all the way into microcontrollers and code. Check out our mini review.  ➔

Upcoming Maker Faires
»  Chartres Mini Maker Faire (France): Oct 7–9
»  Greater Hartford Mini Maker Faire (Farmington, CT): Oct 8
»  Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire (LA): Oct 8
»  Charlotte Mini Maker Faire (NC): Oct 8
»  Denton Mini Maker Faire (TX): Oct 8
»  NoCo Mini Maker Faire (Loveland, CO): Oct 8–9
»  Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire (OH): Oct 8–9
Find a Maker Faire near you on the Maker Faire map.

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