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Raspberry Pi 3
Tuesday September 20, 2016

10 Raspberry Pi Projects to Celebrate 10 Million Pis
We’ve been long-time fans of the
Raspberry Pi and were excited last week to see that the 10 millionth Pi
had been sold. We thought it’d be fun to celebrate the milestone with 10
of our favorite Raspberry Pi projects. Congratulations to everyone at
the Raspberry Pi Foundation!

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“Metamaterials” Allow You to 3D Print Simple Machines


Researchers from
Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Germany designed and printed these
intriguing functional machines from flexible materials.
Specially-designed, honeycomb-like structures change shape to perform
actions. Check out the video to see how it works.

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POV Globe

Build a Persistence-of-Vision LED Globe


Maybe you’ve seen a
persistence-of-vision (POV) illusion before: an array of bright LEDs on
the spokes of a spinning bicycle wheel magically paints colorful
animations, light effects, and messages in the night. These visual
effects are always good for a “Wow!” — but this one builds a
three-dimensional illusion: the POV Globe.

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The New Speed of Innovation - MakerBot
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Raspberry Pi Skycam Brings Drone-Free Aerial Video


The Skycam is a little robot that
travels on a rope or string, can turn corners, and even has a little
camera with pan and tilt. The whole thing can be controlled from your
phone or any browser — and it even streams live video.

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Wazer Desktop Water Jet

Desktop Waterjet Cutting Comes to Hobbyists


Wazer began as a class project for
founders Nisan Larea and Matt Nowicki, but with a new Kickstarter
campaign this BBQ-sized machine looks ready to join desktop 3D printers
and CNC machines in your workshop or local makerspace. Check out our
video interview with the creators and see the machine in action.



4 Types of Lubricants and How to Use Them


Have a door that makes an annoying
SQUEEEAK every time you open it? Don’t reach for the WD-40 just yet!
Lubricants reduce friction between surfaces, but not all lubricants are
equal. This handy guide walks you through a few of the most common
lubricants, how they work, and when to use them.

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The latest from Make:
From our new community projects page comes this LED-powered, color-changing Magic Cauldron. Perfect for a Halloween party or, you know, a Thursday evening.
Maker Paul Yan put together this FPV driving rig for his son’s R/C car using a couple Arduinos and an old PS2 racing wheel. He needs someone to race against, so you should build one, too!
Donald Bell’s new weekly Maker News Show is short, sweet, and super nerdy. Check out the first two episodes and a quick interview.
Free Admission to World Maker Faire New York!

World Maker Faire is a huge production, and we need your help
to pull it off! Join the Maker Faire Traveler volunteer program for a
free pass to the event and exclusive swag! ➔
Raspberry Pi 3, Model B
With onboard Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and a strong community, the
Raspberry Pi 3 is the single board computer to beat. Check out our mini
review and compare it to other boards.  ➔

Upcoming Maker Faires

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Madrid Mini Maker Faire (Spain): Sept 24–25

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Maker Faire Silver Spring (MD): Sept 25

World Maker Faire New York (Queens, NY): Oct 1–2


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